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Chapter 3556: 3556
3556 A Devil in a Mask 6

“Haha…” Huo Mian thought it was surprising and was amused at Qin Chu’s words . “Looks like someone’s really unhappy with me?”

“Who dares to be unhappy with Deputy Director Huo . She’s the head of the family now so of course she’s the most powerful . Who dares to be unhappy with her?”

“Honey, can we not be like this? Let’s have a conversation . ”

Huo Mian was scared when Qin Chu was mad at her because Qin Chu wasn’t the type that would be angry without a reason . Every time he got mad at her was because she did something wrong and she felt guilty .

What she did had its consequences, and Qin Chu would worry gravely about her .

“No, Deputy Director Huo . Please take a rest and don’t mind me . ”

“Honey, I’m sorry . I know I should take your feelings into consideration . Do you think it was easy to deal with those human traffickers? I had a needle in my hand and I know how to untie knots . I too want those bad guys to get what they deserve but I didn’t expect someone to want to buy me with a big sum of money midway,” Huo Mian reflected .

“You knew that many people were after you but you still chose to do it . I don’t think you’ve been listening to me nor Lu Yan . If I remember correctly, before Lu Yan left, she warned you about this . ”

“Yes, she did . ”

“You’re not a child right? You understood what she meant, right?”

“Yes, I understood . ”

“Then why would you take such a risk?”

“Because you weren’t there so I had to do something . If they took me by force and hurt me, I was scared our baby would be hurt . ” Huo Mian made an excuse .

“So you went undercover to the human trafficker’s house? You think then, our baby would be safe?” Qin Chu asked .

“Um… I didn’t know it would be this complicated . ”

“There are tons of stuff you didn’t consider . ”

“Honey, don’t be mad, okay? I’m here safe and sound now . ”

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“So you mean you’re right?”

“No . I don’t mean that . I was wrong . All this time, you have to come to clean up my mess every time . That’s why I married you . You’re the best man in the world . ”

“Sure . You sure know how to flatter someone . ”

“Little Bean does this all the time and it works wonders . ”

“She’s my daughter . You’re not . ”

“Then I want to be your daughter,” Huo Mian said shamelessly .

Qin Chu: “…”

“Deputy Director Huo, you’re very shameless…”

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“Why can’t I be shameless with my own husband… Just don’t be mad at me, okay? Oh, there are two other important things I need you to help me with . ”

“What?” Although Qin Chu was still mad, he would soften up any time if it was Huo Mian .

“There are some other people that were captured by the human traffickers . Can you send people to rescue them? They must be innocent and helpless, like when I was captured . ”

“Okay . ”

“Oh, there’s this old grandma that helped me . Her body is not very well so I plan to make some herbal medicine for her when I get back . Can you please send it to her, please? I promised her . ”

“You sure made many new friends along the way . ”

“Haha, of course . Your wife is good with people . I’m also pregnant now, so people will help me more as long as they are good people . Those human traffickers, however, are evil . Their daughter was so young and she was already helping her parents do evil . Honey, you have to contact the province’s police force and lock them up for many many years . ”

“No need, they’re all dead . ”

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“Huh? Dead?” Huo Mian didn’t know that everyone was killed, but Qin Chu got the news already .

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