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Chapter 3552: 3552
3552 A Devil in a Mask 2

“Shouldn’t we suspect her? The timing of her appearance is too much of a coincidence . ”

“I suspected her too but I’m safe now . Let’s talk about everything else later when we get back . ”

Huo Mian had safely gotten into Qin Chu’s car .

Zeng Rou and her two friends parked the car on the side and didn’t keep going .

When the police caught up, they surrounded them .

“What are you doing?” Zeng Rou intentionally shouted .

“Where’s that pregnant woman?”

“What pregnant woman?” Zeng Rou lied .

The other two girls didn’t dare to speak .

“Stop acting and hurry up and tell me where’s that pregnant woman?” the police officer in charge said with a bad temper while pointing at Zeng Rou .

“Mind your manners . Do you know who I am?”

“I don’t care who you are . If you don’t tell me where that pregnant woman is, don’t blame us for making your life miserable,” the police said while glaring at her .

“You think you can threaten me? You’re just a small police officer in a small town . I’ll make all of you lose your jobs tomorrow if you don’t leave me alone…”

“Oh, so arrogant . Miss, don’t think you can be so bossy because your family is somewhat rich . ”

The police had thought they were just rich girls driving expensive cars . What came next, he did not expect .

“Let me tell you girls that the pregnant woman in your car is the one we’re after . Hurry up and confess and save our time . ”

“What pregnant woman? If you keep shouting at me like this, I’ll call the police and say you’re disturbing civilians . ”

“Haha, call the police… please call . ”

When Zeng Rou raised her phone to call, the head police snatched it from her and threw it violently to the ground .

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“F*ck you . How dare you smash my phone . D*ckhead, do you know how much that costs?” Zeng Rou swore as she got angry . Then she charged over to the police but she was no match for them . She was easily pressed to the ground .


“Let go of her . If you guys hurt her, her father would not forgive you . ”

Zeng Rou’s friends became anxious too, and they both charged over .

Before they could even touch the police, the police had pinned them to the ground .

“You ladies sure don’t know who you’re dealing with . Let’s take them back and interrogate them . ”

Zeng Rou had scratched a police officer’s face and he was furious . He wanted to take them back and beat them up .

Just when they had the girls pinned to the ground, eight army cars surrounded them .

People in the army came off the car and asked, “Who’s Zeng Rou?” the head of the army asked . They were fully armored and looked extremely serious .

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“I’m Zeng Rou,” Zeng Rou said as she slowly raised her hand .

“Miss Zeng, sorry for putting you in a scary situation . Sorry that we came late,” the soldier said politely .

The police were dumbfounded by this sight .

“It’s not late . Now please take care of these idiots for me . He even smashed my phone and hit me . ”

Zeng Rou touched her bruised neck as she shouted angrily .

“Let go of them now!”

“Who are you?” The head police officer was still unwilling to let the girls go .

“I am the First Lieutenant of the 35th unit of the field army division at Number 87031 of the Southeastern Army . My name is Liang Lixing,” the soldier confidently pronounced .

“Oh, so your First Lieutenant Liang . That’s amazing . You’re in charge of this area, right?”

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The police had heard about the army nearby .

“Cut the nonsense and let them go . ”

“They’re suspects . I need to take them back for interrogation . Why are you interfering with police work?” the head police said arrogantly .

“Suspect? Impossible . Do you know who she is?” First Lieutenant Liang scoffed at the police officer as he pointed at Zeng Rou .

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