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Chapter 3553: 3553
Chapter 3553 A Devil in a Mask 3

“Who she is has nothing to do with us when we’re trying to conduct our duties of the law,” the police said confidently .

“Hmm, is that so? Then you should tell the deputy secretary of the province that . ”

“What does this have to do with the deputy secretary of the province?” The police officer rolled his eyes .

“The person you are pressing down is the deputy secretary of the province, Zeng Guoquan’s, daughter, Zeng Rou . ”


This news shocked all the police .

When the army officer saw how dumbfounded they were, he continued to talk, “Half an hour ago, we got a secret notification from the deputy secretary’s secretary that his daughter was in trouble and needed us to come to her rescue . ”

“How is that possible?” the police mumbled as he quickly let go of Zeng Rou .

“Wait until I go back home . I will make sure my father punishes you all, you stupid sons of b*tches,” Zeng Rou said angrily .

“This is impossible… We just wanted to capture a pregnant woman… Who knew things would turn out like this?”

The head police officer seemed rather ignorant of the situation . To him, he was just following orders to capture a pregnant woman but that pregnant woman ended up in Zeng Rou’s car .

When they reached Zeng Rou’s car, they found that the pregnant woman had escaped and the girls would not confess where she went . He only wanted to teach them a lesson . However, someone was telling him now that the girl he beat up was the daughter of the deputy secretary of the province . Would that mean that he was doomed?

“Miss Zeng, let us escort you home safely . ”

“Okay . Find someone who can drive . This road is too dangerous . I’m scared to drive,” Zeng Rou glared at the police .

“Yes Ma’am . ”

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“Miss Zeng, this is all a mistake . We never wanted to capture you…”

When the police realized that Zeng Rou was actually a rich and powerful man’s daughter, he immediately apologized . He almost wanted to kneel down and beg for mercy .

“A mistake? F*ck off . Go home and wait for your demise . Psh… People’s police? You are not worthy of that title . Do you think you’re actually acting in the best interest of civilians?” Zeng Rou criticized . Then she was escorted back home by the army .

Although the police officers were fine for now, they knew they would lose their jobs so they all looked depressed .

“Boss, what should we do now?” the subordinate police officers asked as they were terrified .

“What can we do? Let’s go back to Zhu Darong and ask for money . If it wasn’t for helping him capture the pregnant woman, would we have ended up like this?” The head police officer blamed everything on the human trafficker .

That was why he planned to blackmail the human trafficker for money . This way, he would have money when he was fired .

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They were all surprised when they entered the house to see Zhu Darong and his wife, Erdan, and several of Fourth Master Fang’s subordinates kneeling in the garden .

The door shut closed as soon as they entered .

There were four men in black with masks on . They all had submachine guns in their hands .

In the center stood a person in a white mask . He was probably a male from his height and body shape .

“Who are you?” the head police officer asked as he trembled in fear .

“Tie them up . ”

“Don’t come over . We have guns…” The police officers started backing up .

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Before they could reach the door, the man in the white mask in the middle shot at them, and one of the police officer’s brains exploded onto the floor .

The scene was violent .

The human trafficker’s wife threw up at this grotesque sight .

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