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Chapter 3551: 3551
3551 A Devil in a Mask 1

Huo Mian looked down and didn’t say anything as she used Zeng Rou’s phone to open the map quickly .

She shrunk the map to see what roads were ahead of them .

“The mountain roads are winding but they follow some distinct pattern . Every three small turns is followed by one big turn . The distance between the small turns is approximately 120 meters while the distance between the big turn and a small turn is approximately 300 meters . ”

“Wow, Dr . Huo . ”

It was the first time Zeng Rou looked at Huo Mian with such admiration .

They weren’t close before . Zeng Rou had only heard of rumors saying Huo Mian was smart but now that Zeng Rou saw it for herself, she was astonished by Huo Mian’s intelligence .

“Keep driving and I’ll advise you . ”

“Why don’t you turn on the GPS and let it navigate me,” Zeng Rou suggested .

“No, that’ll be too slow . We won’t make it . Don’t be afraid and keep driving . ”

Huo Mian and Zeng Rou’s intriguing conversation scared the two girls in the back to death . They were so scared that they held their breaths .

This obviously wasn’t going to the countryside for a hike but a real life version of “Fast and Furious” .

Did they want to kill themselves driving so fast on mountain roads?

“It’s dangerous driving so fast… We’re above the speed limit…” one of the girls in the backseats said in a low voice .

“If they catch us, we’ll be in greater danger, so should we care about being above the speed limit right now?” Huo Mian’s response shut the two girls up .

She knew that this pregnant woman was Zeng Rou’s friend . Otherwise, Zeng Rou wouldn’t be so obedient .

“Dummy, drive faster!” the head police officer shouted in the police car . He was very nervous .

However, the SUV in front of them was getting away .

“No boss . If we go any faster, we’d be in danger . It’s dark and the roads are winding . We don’t want to die…”

“Hahaha, we got some distance between them . ”

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Zeng Rou was able to drive ahead and eventually distance themselves from the police cars with Huo Mian advice .

“Don’t let your guard down yet . They’re still tightly after us,” Huo Mian said calmly .

“Huo Mian, can you hold the steering wheel for a sec,” Zeng Rou said . Then she let go of the steering wheel and called someone on her cellphone .

“Uncle Zhao, it’s me, Zeng Rou . I’m in danger right now . Can you get someone to save me? My location right now is 20 miles away from Kaoshan Town . I’m on the highway right now and our next exit is Liuyang River Town . ” Then, she hung up .

Zeng Rou explained when she saw Huo Mian looking confused .

“He’s my dad’s secretary . No need to worry . ”

“Okay . ”

When their car started approaching Liuyang River Town, Huo Mian was able to spot Qin Chu’s car from afar .

Very soon after they stopped the car, she rushed over and embraced Qin Chu .

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“So President Qin is here . ” Zeng Rou smiled .

“Thank you,” Qin Chu thanked Zeng Rou .

“You’re welcome . I’m happy I could help Huo Mian . ”

“Zeng Rou, we can’t stop here . Hurry and go . ”

“You should leave first . Those people seem to be after you . I’ll stay and buy you some time . ”

“No . That’s too dangerous . ” Huo Mian shook her head .

“Don’t worry . My dad’s secretary has everything planned . Soon someone will help and save us . I’m also someone well known and powerful here . The police won’t hurt me . ”

Zeng Rou wanted to be the savior and Huo Mian knew those people were after her and not Zeng Rou, so even though she was uncomfortable leaving Zeng Rou and her friends here, she left with Qin Chu in his sports car .

“Rou, who’s that pregnant woman? Her husband’s so handsome…” one of Zeng Rou’s friends whispered .

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“She’s a legend . You guys shouldn’t ask too many questions . ”

Only when she got in Qin Chu’s car did Huo Mian feel safer .

“When did you see Zeng Rou? Why would she be there at such a key timing? Isn’t it too much of a coincidence?” Qin Chu asked calmly .

“Honey, are you suspicious of her?” Huo Mian could tell Qin Chu did not trust Zeng Rou .

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