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Published at 3rd of September 2020 05:15:06 AM
Chapter 3549: 3549
Chapter 3549 Zeng Rou Returns 9

Zeng Rou obviously saw Huo Mian too after Huo Mian called her name .

Zeng Rou was so shocked that she tossed the potato away .

“Huo… Huo Mian?” Zeng Rou asked with surprise .

“Zeng Rou, it’s really you?!”

Huo Mian was rather excited to see a familiar face here so she rushed over .

“Yeah . Why are you here?”

Zeng Rou looked around and realized Huo Mian was all alone .

“It’s a long story . I’ll tell you later . ” Huo Mian didn’t tell her how she came as she didn’t know if she was actually safe .

“Me and a few friends were hiking at a nearby mountain earlier . Then we went to a farm where you could pick fruits . It was getting late so we thought we would stay at Auntie Guihua’s place for the night . ”

“You know the owner of this house?”

“Yeah . Auntie Guihua was a nanny for a friend . My friend and I are family friends . My friend wanted to visit Auntie Guihua while the rest of us wanted to eat dishes from the rural parts so we decided we’ll come here for the night . ”

Huo Mian only believed half of what Zeng Rou said, although she did see that SUV by the house .

However, Zeng Rou was such a coincidence Zeng Rou appeared here .

Was she connected to the person that wanted to buy her in a hefty sum?

“What’s the matter, Huo Mian?”

“Oh, nothing much . Zeng Rou, can I borrow your phone?”

“Yeah . ”

Without hesitation, Zeng Rou gave her phone to Huo Mian .

Huo Mian used Zeng Rou’s phone to call Qin Chu .

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Huo Mian went to an isolated corner . The phone rang three times and Qin Chu picked up . With his deep melodious voice, he said, “Hello?”

“Honey, it’s me . ”

“Mian? Where are you? Did you get hurt? How are you?” Qin Chu was worried sick .

“I’m fine . You don’t need to worry about me . Listen to me carefully . I’m at a village near Kaoshan Town . I think it’s called Sunset village . ”

“I’m only 30 minutes away from Kaoshan Town . Wait for me there . ”

“No, you can’t enter the village no matter what . ”


“I don’t have time to explain . Honey, you should stop driving right now and send your location to this phone . I’ll come to find you . ”

“No . Don’t worry and I’ll come to pick you up . ” Qin Chu had made up his mind that he would pick Huo Mian up .

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“Honey I’m fine . I’m with Zeng Rou . ”

“Zeng Rou?” Qin Chu said with surprise .

“I’ll explain to you later . Hurry up and send me your location and I’ll come to find you . We must leave here as soon as possible . ”

“Okay . ”

Qin Chu had faith in Huo Mian and her plan so he did as she said . He parked at a nearby place and sent her his location .

After she received her husband’s location, Huo Mian whispered to Zeng Rou, “Can I borrow your car . I’m going to find my husband . When we get home, I’ll have someone drive the car back . Of course, you guys can come with me too . ”

“Why? It’s already late . What’s the rush?” Zeng Rou did not understand .

Huo Mian looked closely at Zeng Rou’s eyes and didn’t find any signs that she knew what was happening to her .

“Someone wants to capture me so I must leave here now . ” Huo Mian tried to keep her voice low .

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“What? Capture you?” Zeng Rou was even more surprised .

“I don’t have time . We must leave now,” Huo Mian said as she pointed to her car .

Huo Mian had called Qin Chu using Zeng Rou’s phone . If Zeng Rou was plotting against her, Qin Chu would never forgive Zeng Rou . That was why Huo Mian decided to take the risk: she would take Zeng Rou’s car and leave this place .

“Okay . Let’s go now . I’ll call my friends . ”

Then, Zeng Rou entered the house and called the two girls she came with to leave .

“I’ll drive . I drive fast,” Huo Mian requested .

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