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Chapter 3548: 3548

“A pregnant woman? I haven’t seen any,” the old grandma said in an unfriendly manner . “Why waste time talking to her? Hurry up and search around,” the human trafficker said as he barged in .

The old grandma’s house was run down and small . After going around two rounds and not finding anything, they were about to leave .

However, someone suddenly found the old shed in the backyard amongst the darkness .

“What is that?”

“A storage shed,” the old grandma said .

“Hei, go search it,” the boss said, obviously because he was too scared to go in . With his position in power, he made his subordinates go instead .

The young man was rather brave and walked over into the darkness, with the old grandma behind him .

The shed was small and only had old and worn out farming tools and an old water tank .

“What is this?” Hei asked curiously as he was about to reach to open the water tank .

Huo Mian covered her mouth and tried to hold her breath . She was so nervous that her heart felt like it stopped beating .

Just when he was about to open it, the old grandma hit him with a feather duster .

“You old witch, what are you doing?”

“You can’t touch this . Don’t you see the red cloth? Inside are sacrifices for the Weasel God . There are dead chicken and ducks in there . I won’t stop you if you really want to open it but don’t blame me for not warning you if you infuriate the Weasel God and he punishes you . ”

Hei was rather scared when he heard the old grandma say this .

In the north, there were two gods . One was the great fox god and the other was the great yellow weasel god .

The older generation believed this firmly, especially since they were in rural China . When this man heard the story, he was rather scared .

If the Weasel God really were to punish him, he would be doomed . That was why he did not have the guts to open the tank and hurried out of the shed .

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“How was it? Did you find anything?” the boss asked .

“No, there’s nothing . ”

“Let’s go to the next house . ”

After the gang left, Huo Mian was finally able to jump out of the water tank .

“Are you alright?”

“I’m alright . ”

“Oh my, they want to capture you . ”

“Grandma, let me tell you the truth . I was originally captured by them and they wanted to sell me but I escaped . ”

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Huo Mian didn’t want to lie to the old grandma anymore because she was a good person and had also helped her .

“Such devils! They wouldn’t even spare a pregnant woman and her child . You really should leave tomorrow morning . ”

“Grandma, tomorrow is too late . I must go now . ”

Huo Mian was scared that the person that was willing to pay the large sum would come soon . Then it would be too late .

“It’s dark . Where are you going to go? It’s not safe . Their people are everywhere outside . If you leave now, they’ll catch you . ”

The old grandma was old but her mind was clear .

“Grandma, didn’t you say your neighbor had a cellphone . I want to borrow her cellphone to call my family so they can pick me up . ”

“Sure . I’ll take you to Guihua’s house . ”

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Huo Mian and the old grandma waited until the human traffickers finished searching the whole village and gave up without any findings .

Guihua’s house was very close to the old grandma’s . It was probably just 50 meters apart . After a short walk, they arrived at a worn-down house .

There were signs of people living there and there was a white SUV parked outside .

“It seems like they have guests over,” Huo Mian mumbled .

She was worried that the probability of her location being exposed would increase because of the larger amount of people . Just when Huo Mian wanted to leave with the old grandma, someone opened the door of Wang Guihua’s house .

A young woman walked out with a roasted potato in her hand . She was savoring the taste .

“Zeng… Rou…?” Huo Mian said in shock . The woman that walked out was Zeng Rou .

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