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Chapter 3550: 3550
3550 Zeng Rou Returns 10

“No, you’re pregnant . Be careful and don’t get hurt . I drive pretty fast too . If you believe me, then sit in the front while I drive . ”

“Oh right, do you have money on you?”

“Yeah . ”

“Can you lend me some . ”

“You can take it yourself,” Zeng Rou said as she passed over her Chanel bag .

Huo Mian opened the purse up and took 5000 yuan in cash out and walked over to the old grandma .

“Grandma, since I found a friend, I’ll have to go now . Thank you for helping me . ”

“You’re welcome . As long as you can get home safe . ”

“Grandma, take this money . Your life isn’t easy . You should buy something you want to eat . ”

“Oh my, I can’t accept that . That’s too much money . I don’t need that much . You can just give me 100 yuan and it’ll take me a while until I use it up . ”

The old grandma was afraid to take so much money and was only willing to accept 100 yuan .

“Take it, grandma . I’ll have someone send you medicine later . You have to promise not to mention me or those bad guys will hurt you . ”

“Okay . ” The old grandma nodded .

Finally, the old grandma accepted 3000 yuan after Huo Mian pushed it to her .

Huo Mian, together with Zeng Rou and her two female friends, got in the white Toyota SUV .

After driving for a while, they saw the police stopping cars by the highway entrance .

“There’s police in the front right?” Zeng Rou looked at Huo Mian and asked .

“Yeah, I see them . ”

“What should we do? We need to get off the car and cooperate with them . ”

“No, we can’t . ”

From what Huo Mian heard from the old grandma, she knew that the local police here were corrupted and could not be trusted . They had close ties with the human traffickers .

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Maybe the police were after her too .

If she got off the car now, she would be giving herself up .

“What should we do then?”

“Speed through it…” Huo Mian said .

“What?” Zeng Rou sounded surprised .

“Why don’t you stop at the side and I’ll drive . ” Huo Mian had raced with Song Yishi’s younger sister before .

Huo Mian was smart, was great at controlling things, and was quick to react . She was confident that she could speed through .

It was simply passing the police . The police too were human so they wouldn’t want to die either . If she ran through, she would still have hopes of escaping, but if she got off the car, she would be captured for sure .

Having only four women in the car would mean they were basically powerless .

Whenever times like this happened, Huo Mian would wish Lu Yan was with her .

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Lu Yan could fight them all off alone .

“No, I can’t let a pregnant woman risk her life like that . Let me try . Sit tight guys,” Zeng Rou said . Then she gritted her teeth and stomped on the gas pedal .

The car speeded towards the police .

“Stop at the side and cooperate with the police,” the police shouted with a speaker .

Zeng Rou had listened to Huo Mian so now she did not listen to anyone else .

She built up the courage and barged over the fences the police set up . Their SUV was a lot more powerful than normal passenger vehicles .

The police didn’t expect anyone to be so crazy . Before they were able to react, the car drove away .

“Why are you people still standing there? Go after them!”

“Go after them? It’s not safe though . It’s dark and the mountain roads are winding…” the police officer that was ordered to go after them was not willing .

“Go after them! Fourth Master Fang said that if the person he wants gets away, we’ll all be doomed,” the head police officer reprimanded .

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His five subordinate police officers drove in two police cars and chased them down .

“They’re going to catch up soon . What should we do, Huo Mian?” Zeng Rou’s hands on the steering wheel were shaking . She was completely lost .

Huo Mian calmly looked at the rear mirror and could see the police cars getting closer .

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