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Chapter 3545: 3545

The woman’s face turned pale and then she ran out of the room . “Hey! Where are you going?” Huo Mian was surprised .

“I’ll go and get my husband and talk to him about it . ”

Then the woman ran out…

Huo Mian thought the woman was stupid since her husband would never agree to let Huo Mian go or believe her words .

If she got her husband back, none of them could escape; it was only a waste of time .

At this thought, Huo Mian immediately began to untie the unprofessionally-secured knots, intending to escape by herself .

“Stop . You can’t go…” The child who had tried to knock Huo Mian unconscious with the lollipop blocked the door .

She looked cute but Huo Mian had no affection for her .

“Do you know your dad and mom are doing bad things?” Huo Mian looked at the girl sternly .

“If you try to run, I’ll yell . Return to your room now . If my dad catches you, he’ll beat you to death . ” The child even threatened Huo Mian .

“I won’t give you the chance to yell because…”

The little girl felt a sting on the back of her neck and dropped onto the ground, unconscious .

She was stung by a silver needle that Huo Mian had brought on her .

Huo Mian had hidden many anesthetic-coated silver needles on her to protect herself when she was in danger .

They came in handy now, or else she wouldn’t have dared to confront the girl .

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As she walked out, she saw many small rooms in the courtyard . Remembering what she had heard from the man and the woman, she knew they had imprisoned many women and children in here .

Huo Mian had intended to wait for Qin Chu’s rescue to get everyone out of here, but the mysterious buyer offering 2 million alarmed her .

She couldn’t wait here any longer . She planned to escape first and find her husband; then they’d call the police to get these people out .

Huo Mian found some of the woman’s clothes and a cap and put them on, disguising herself as an ordinary village woman . Then she slipped out from the backyard .

Meanwhile, the woman found the man who was drinking in a nearby restaurant .

“Old man, I must talk to you . It’s urgent . ”

“We men are drinking . Woman, get out of here…” The man was in a good mood and a little tipsy .

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“Yeah . Sister-in-law, Rong is happy today . Just let him drink . ”

“Old man, it’s really urgent . We must take that pregnant woman out of here, or we will be in danger . ”

“Nonsense . The pregnant woman is sly, so don’t be fooled by her . Go back now and guard her well . In a little while, we’ll be rich . ”

The man believed that he’d soon get a fortune .

“You can think of nothing but money . You might not live to spend it,” the woman wept and cursed at him .

“What did you say? I’ll kill you…” Furious, the man stood up and slapped the woman across the face .

“What’s wrong with you today? I told you we’ll be rich soon . Stop nagging!”

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The man beat the woman as he talked; the guys around them seemed to be used to such scenes and didn’t come to stop him .

“Hit me! Kill me if you can . If you can’t, I’ll go home and let the pregnant woman go…” The woman stood up and ran toward home .

The man chased after her until they reached their house .

The moment they pushed open the door, they were stupefied at the sight before them .

Their daughter lay on the ground in the courtyard unconscious, and the pregnant woman which could sell for 2 million was missing .

“Damned woman, did you let her go?” the man grabbed the woman’s collar and asked fiercely as if he would swallow her alive .

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