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Chapter 3546: 3546

“It wasn’t me . I know nothing about it . ”“You’re still denying it? Who else would do it? Damned woman, I knew you’d ruin my deal . I’ll kill you today . ”

Then the man began to beat the woman .

At this moment, the guys following them here stopped him .

“Rong, stop it now . We must find her first . If the buyer comes and we can’t deliver the stock, we’ll be finished . We’ll ruin our reputation and Fourth Master Fang won’t forgive us . ”

“Right . We must find her first . Erdan, send for more people to search for her . The woman is pregnant and can’t go far . ”

“Okay . ”

The men began to search for Huo Mian .

Finding out that they hid the van in the long-haul truck, Qin Chu tracked them down with the help of surveillance cameras and found the van had stopped near Kaoshan Town .

Without a word, he raced toward Kaoshan Town by himself despite the police officers’ advice to not to .

To reach the town sooner, he even bought a white Audi R8 at the local dealer and raced toward the town .

In fact, Huo Mian didn’t go far since she was carrying a baby in her .

She had intended to go to the local police station and ask the police officers to take her out of here .

But then she decided against the idea, afraid those people who offered big money to buy her would kill the officers, too .

Besides, the cops in this remote place might be working with the local gangs .

She had heard the name Fourth Master Fang many times from the man and the woman; if the cops were colluding with Fourth Master Fang, she’d be delivering herself into their hands .

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After careful consideration, Huo Mian didn’t take the risk to leave Kaoshan Town; instead, she found a farmer’s house in the town and sought shelter .

To avoid unnecessary questions, she selected a house with only an old lady inside .

She told the old lady that she came to the town to see her relatives but didn’t find them . It was dark, so she wanted to find a place to stay for the night .

Obviously, the old lady lived alone in the dilapidated house, and no one would pay attention to such a place .

“Grandma, I don’t have money on me . When my family comes to pick me up, I’ll have them pay you, okay?”

“You don’t have to pay . It’s not easy for a pregnant woman to move around . Stay here tonight and you can leave on a bus tomorrow morning . ”

The old lady was kind and didn’t want to take money from Huo Mian .

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Huo Mian had no cash on her since the human traffickers took all her money .

“Thank you, Grandma . ”

“Are you hungry? I can cook something for you . ”

“Let me do it, Grandma . ” Huo Mian rolled up her sleeves to enter the kitchen .

“Don’t bother . Look at your tender hands . I know you’re a city girl and are not used to country life . We use big pots here and need to set a fire first . Wait here while I make some noodles for you . ”

Refusing Huo Mian’s help, the old lady went to cook a bowl of noodles for her .

The old lady was very poor, living in an ancient mud house with crude furniture .

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Standing in the house, Huo Mian looked out of the window alertly, afraid those guys would come here .

“Grandma, where can I find a phone here?” Huo Mian asked .

“Phone? Do you mean the ones that look like big bricks?” Obviously, the old lady wasn’t familiar with cellphones .

“Yeah . The kind that you can carry around . Cellphone,” Huo Mian said with hand gestures .

She wanted to call Qin Chu and tell him she was out of danger for the time being .

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