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Chapter 3544: 3544

“Truth be told, I’m not from an ordinary family and have lots of enemies; you can never imagine their identities . If you want to live, you must take me and escape now . When those people come, you’ will die . Do you think you’ll get 2 million yuan? Hehe… I’m afraid you’ll be butchered instead . ”Huo Mian didn’t know who offered 2 million to buy her, but the so-called Fourth Master Fang was obviously the leader of a local gang . Qin Chu never worked with gangs, so the offer couldn’t have been made by Mr . Qin .

It meant the person who offered big money to buy her wasn’t a good guy .

Lu Yan had warned her to be careful since she was the target of many people .

Huo Mian knew the people offering to buy her might be amongst Ian, Nalo, Huo Siqian, and the mysterious people who rescued him…

They all had some connections with her father, Professor Lu .

She knew instinctively that if she was caught by those people, she’d never get out .

So, Huo Mian tried to think of a way to escape .

From the previous conversation she had overheard, she knew the woman was suspicious of the sudden bout of good luck, but the man was obviously blinded by the prospect of gaining 2 million yuan .

“Are… you telling the truth?”

“I have no reason to lie to you . You’ve seen my bag and know it costs a fortune . Do you think an ordinary woman can afford such an expensive handbag?”

“It might be a replica . ”

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“You’re a woman . Even if you don’t know brands, you should know the material . Do you think a replica has such good material? Sis, I see you’re smarter than your husband; the fate of your whole family depends on your decision now . I’m involved in a war among magnates since my husband offended many people doing business . They want to catch me, but I can tell you, they won’t pay 2 million to buy me . From what I know about them, they will only kill you all . ”

“You… are bluffing… I don’t believe you . ”

“Fine . If you don’t believe me, just wait here to be killed . I’ll be fine anyway since they only want to catch me to blackmail my husband . I just wanted to warn you since you and your husband are still young and your child is still little . ”

Huo Mian gave her a meaningful sneer, which made the woman’s heart tremble .

The woman had been suspicious of the deal . Having been in the human trafficking business for years, she had never heard a buyer would offer 2 million to buy a person .

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Hearing Huo Mian’s words, she was even more uneasy .

She paced in the room with a pale face .

“Sis, maybe we can work together . ”


“Let’s get out of here first… Your husband will catch up when he knows we’re gone, so you’ll be out of danger . Don’t try to earn the 2 million since you won’t get it . If you stall and those people come, you’re dead . They have guns and kill people without batting an eye . Understand?”

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“But… If my husband knows that I let you go, he’ll beat me to death . ”

Obviously, the woman feared her husband .

“But you have to consider your daughter . Do you want her to die with you guys?” Huo Mian continued to attack the woman’s weakness .

Hearing Huo Mian’s words, the woman looked swayed .

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