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Published at 31st of August 2020 04:00:11 AM
Chapter 3537: 3537

“No matter what, just find it . ” Qin Chu clenched his fists and felt it was impossible to relax .

When he went to the washroom, the young police officers began to gossip .

“You say… Who’s this guy?”

“I heard he’s super rich… According to a reliable source, he’s the best friend of Chief Gao in C City . ”

“Well, no matter how rich he is, he still lost his wife . What use is money?”

“Forget it . Hurry up and help him find the van . After all, she went missing in our city . ”

Huo Mian opened her eyes carefully as the van continued on the road .

She was placed on the backseat of the van . In the front seats sat a man, a woman, and a child .

The child was the girl who gave her the lollipop .

In fact, Huo Mian hadn’t touched the lollipop since she had been on guard all the time .

Seeing the girl kept urging her to eat the candy, she knew there was something wrong with the candy .

It reminded her of a news report she had read long ago .

It mentioned that some human traffickers used children as bait since people always lowered their guard with children .

Having been a doctor for years, the faint smell of aesthetics on the lollipop was obvious to her .

Then why did she pretend unconscious and allow them to carry her away?

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She had two reasons .

Firstly, she knew the child wasn’t alone . There must be adults or even a gang behind the child watching her . If Huo Mian refused to eat the candy, they might deal with her in more sinister ways . If they pushed her, her baby might get hurt . So she dared not to confront them .

Secondly, she knew the gang targeted her to sell her and the baby . If she went with them, she might find more victims and help them get out . Then she would give the clues to the police to wipe out the gang .

She knew if she remained passive, they wouldn’t hurt her .

The three people sitting in the front seats didn’t realize that their victim had woken up .

The little girl sat between the man and the woman and was munching on potato chips with gusto .

“Honey, now we’ll make some big money this time . We haven’t got a pregnant woman for a long time . ”

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“Yeah . We usually fetch 50,000 yuan for one woman . With the baby in her, we’ll get more money this time . ”

“I wonder if the baby is a boy or a girl . If it’s a boy, we’ll ask for 150,000 yuan . I’m sure we can find a buyer . ”

“Maybe you can take her to a clinic and check the gender of the baby . You’re familiar with Dr . Liu in our county hospital, right?”

“Forget it . There are many people in the hospital and I’m afraid we’ll draw attention to us . The bumpkins are ignorant . We’ll just tell them the baby is a boy and ask for 150,000 yuan for both the mother and baby . What do you think?”

“Good idea . ”

“After this deal, we must stay low for a while,” the woman said .

“Why? There are many more months until the Spring Festival . Don’t you want to make more money?” The man objected .

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“I have a feeling that the pregnant woman comes from a rich family . I’m afraid her family will track us down after the deal is finished . ”

“How do you know she’s from a rich family?”

The man glanced at the backseat while he drove . Huo Mian closed her eyes immediately and pretended to be unconscious .

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