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Published at 31st of August 2020 04:00:11 AM
Chapter 3538: 3538

“Look at this . ” The woman lifted Huo Mian’s handbag .

“What’s this?” The man didn’t understand .

“I don’t know the brand of the handbag, but I saw an list star had a bag exactly like this one on TV . The news said the handbag costs hundreds of thousands of yuan . Did you know that?”

“Stupid woman . Don’t you know they have replicas of these handbags? Didn’t you see those fake bags on the night market? The LV replicas were everywhere, and no one can tell which are real and which are replicas . The cheap replicas are only 30 yuan . Everyone can afford it . ”

“No . Look at the things in her bag, old man . ”

The woman opened Huo Mian’s handbag .

In fact, the woman was right . The bag was Dior’s new classic style and cost 158,000 yuan .

Huo Mian wouldn’t pay so much money for a bag . Lu Yan had bought it for her .

The girl was bored at home and always went shopping .

Huo Mian had calculated roughly the money that Lu Yan had spent on them; including the money she gave to Pudding and Little Bean, and the total came out to be about 40 million yuan .

Of course, this astronomical figure was nothing to Lu Yan; she could win more than this figure during one night in Las Vegas .

The woman opened Huo Mian’s bag and found there were only a few items inside .

Afraid to be tracked, they had thrown out her cellphone . In the bag, there was a Chanel perfume sample, a packet of facial handkerchiefs, a Chanel lipstick, and a wine-colored Prada women’s wallet .

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“Whoa . Open the wallet and see how much money is in there . ” The man was excited .

Huo Mian usually didn’t bring lots of cash on her except for a few thousand yuan for emergencies .

The woman counted the cash and exclaimed, “Old man, there’s over 36,000 yuan . ”

“Whoa . That’s a lot . Haha . It’s a bonus . ”

“Old man, do you think an ordinary woman carries so much money on her?”

“Come on, don’t get nervous . She’s pregnant; maybe she carries the money on her for fear the baby would come out earlier than expected . ”

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“I think she’s only about 6 months along and the baby won’t come out so soon . She might have married into a rich family,” the woman insisted .

“So what if she’s from a rich family? She still fell into our hands . ”

“I’m afraid her family is powerful and will track down to us…”

“Don’t worry . Have you forgotten what happened to the daughter of the chief of the Labor Bureau caught by Dongzi and his gang? The woman begged them to let her go, but still her family had to pay 300,000 yuan for ransom and they didn’t even call the police . I heard Dongzi even raped the woman… It shows the people in high positions and with money are just wastrels . Besides, their money is not clean, so they don’t dare to make a fuss about it . ”

“I’m still worried . ”

“You women are all cowards and ignorant… Forget it . Stop nagging . We’ll take a break in Kaoshan Town and grab some good-looking women . This time, we’ll go to Erdaogou; there are lots of single men who have some money in their pockets after a good harvest . ”

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Hearing their words, Huo Mian understood these human traffickers had done lots of evil things . She was so furious with them that she had the urge to stand up and beat the couple to death .

But she knew it was not time to fight back; she would have the chance to see their home base .

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