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Chapter 3536: 3536
Chapter 3536 Things Are a Bit Out of Control 6

Huo Mian lifted the lollipop and licked it .

Immediately, she passed out on the ground beside the flowerbed .

The little girl beckoned at someone behind her .

Instantly, a man and a woman walked up and swiftly carried Huo Mian into a van .

It took them less than two minutes to finish the whole process .

When Qin Chu came back with cotton candy, Huo Mian had disappeared .

“Mian?” Qin Chu called out but got no answer .

Alarmed, he dropped the cotton candy and asked the people around the place, “A pregnant woman dressed in white was sitting here a moment ago . Do you know where she is now?”

“Did any of you see what happened to her?”

“I’ll pay lots of money for clues . Did you see the pregnant woman?”

Frantically, Qin Chu searched all over the place and asked anyone he saw, but they all shook their heads .

After all, they had been watching the show and didn’t notice the things happening near the flowerbed behind them .

At this moment, a dirty homeless boy that was about 14 years old said, “Uncle, I saw her . ”

“Tell me where she is . ” Excited, Qin Chu grabbed the boy’s shoulders despite the dirt on his clothes .

“Can you buy me a hamburger first?” Pointing at the KFC at the edge of the square, the boy looked hungry .

Without a word, Qin Chu took out 1,000 yuan from his pocket and handed it to the boy . “Take it all . Tell me where my wife is . ”

“I saw a little girl give her a lollipop and she ate it and passed out . Then a man and a woman came and carried her into a van . ”

“Okay . Thank you . ”

Agitated, Qin Chu called Gao Ran, telling him to order the branch bureau in the city to find the van with the footage from their surveillance cameras .

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For Qin Chu, losing his pregnant wife was scarier than losing his life .

“Chu, calm down . Mian is smart; she’ll be fine . ” Gao Ran tried to comfort him .

“I can’t calm down . When I get my hands on the bastards who took Mian, I’ll kill them . ”

Qin Chu cursed, totally losing his composure .

“Do you want me to drive over and see you?” Gao Ran said .

“It’s not necessary . I only need to know the whereabouts of the van; I can handle them . ”

Meanwhile, the van had driven out of the city and was meandering on a bumpy mountainous road .

They had thrown away Huo Mian’s cellphone, so it was impossible to call her phone .

Qin Chu had put a tracker in her phone but when he found it, it was in the hands of a passerby .

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Without the phone, it was difficult to find her .

“Have you found it?” In the surveillance room, Qin Chu urged the police officers .

“Mr . Qin, please calm down . Wait one second . ”

Then they found the clip and zoomed in, showing a man and a woman carrying Huo Mian into the van .

“Mr . Qin, is she your wife?”

“Yes . Tell me the plate number . ”

The officer zoomed in on the plate number—S1446 .

“This number looks familiar; it doesn’t belong to a van…” one of the officers murmured .

“Pull out the owner’s information . ”

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Sure enough, when they pulled out the owner’s information, they found the plate indeed didn’t belong to the van . It meant that the van had stolen the plate .

“They stole the plate . What do we do now?”

“Follow the van and track it down . ” Qin Chu directed immediately .

“But if the van drives out of the city, the surveillance cameras are few and far inbetween . It will be difficult to track it down . ”

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