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Published at 29th of August 2020 06:00:09 AM
Chapter 3529: 3529
Chapter 3529 We are in Big Trouble 9

“What on earth do you want?”

“I want you to suffer for the rest of your life…”

Hearing her sinister words, Shen Minxi raised his head and laughed .

“Hahaha . Great… It’s great . ”

“What do you mean?” Huo Yanyan stared at him coldly .

“We’re living the story of the Farmer and the Snake . Huo Yanyan, you have no heart . When the Huo Family went broke, you were kicked out of the house by Huo Siqian; having no way out, you married an old man and even got cheated by him, so you had to work as a saleswoman . I pitied you and rescued you and your daughter from misery . I didn’t expect you to repay me, but I’m surprised you’d repay my kindness with hatred . ”

“Shen Mingxi, don’t you understand? If you weren’t so weak and didn’t tell Su Yu our secret plan, we’d never have ended up like this . Why did you betray me?”

“Betray you? No, I betrayed an evil force . Huo Yanyan, I’m an ordinary man . I’m not a saint but not an evil guy, either . What your mom and brother did was evil, and I did the right thing . ”

“You were my man . Don’t you think you should stand by my side?” Huo Yanyan retorted in a loud voice .

“Just because we were together, I have to defend you even if you set fires and murdered people?”

“Shouldn’t you?”

“Hahaha… Your logic is unbelievable…” Shen Mingxi let out a miserable laugh .

“Now that I got out, I will never return to that place . If you dare to do anything against me, I will know it because you’re being watched 24/7 . If you don’t want to go to jail, you must be nice to me . ”

“What do you want? Money? A plane ticket? A house? A car? Or a passport? Do you want to go to Singapore and see Tiantian?”

“Why should I see her? Can she help me get revenge?”

“You want to get revenge?” Shen Mingxi looked at Huo Yanyan in disbelief .

He had thought she came to blackmail him for money to move abroad .

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But to his surprise, Huo Yanyan didn’t want these things .

“Of course I want revenge . I have nothing now and must take back what belonged to me little by little… Shen Mingxi, you just wait and see . I won’t let you live happily with Wei Ying . ”

“We’re not together . ” Shen Mingxi gave a bitter laugh .

After their divorce, he hadn’t reunited with Wei Ying .

Wei Liao even ruined his marriage proposal, so the whole thing was quite ironic to him .

“Who’d believe your nonsense? Wait for my revenge . I’ll make all the people who hurt me suffer…”

Huo Yanyan pushed Shen Mingxi away, pulled open the door, and walked out .

In the banquet room, Huo Yanyan walked to stand before Wei Ying and smiled .

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This smile creeped Wei Ying out .

“Miss Wei… I don’t mind your relationship with Mingxi . There’s no need to feel guilty . ”

“There’s nothing between Mingxi and me . ” Wei Ying was piqued .

“It’s fine . Even if you’re hooking up, I truly don’t care . Thank you for taking care of him for me . Now that I’m back, we can take care of him together . Of course, you are from a big family and have a high social status, so you can be his legal wife while I’ll be his concubine . What do you think?”

“You’re crazy . ” Wei Ying felt as if she was in an absurd and campy drama .

“Huo Yanyan, don’t spout nonsense!” Shen Mingxi walked out to stop her .

“I’m just expressing your intention . Don’t you think so, Miss Wei?”

Not able to stand it anymore, Wei Ying said with a cold expression, “Auntie, Mingxi, I’ve got to go . ”

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“Ying…” Shen Mingxi was about to run after her when Huo Yanyan grabbed his arm . “Mingxi, I just came back . Don’t you think you should stay with me? In the future, you stay with her on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and give me Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, okay?”

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