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Chapter 3530: 3530
Chapter 3530 We are in Big Trouble 10

“Huo Yanyan, you’re a crazy woman…”

Ignoring the onlookers, Shen Mingxi pushed Huo Yanyan away roughly and chased after Wei Ying, afraid Wei Ying would have a misunderstanding about him .

He caught up with her at the gate of the hotel .

“Ying… Let me explain . ”

“It’s not necessary . I know you didn’t get her out . ”

“Yeah . I was astonished to see her . ”

“Huo Yanyan is possessed by demons . My brother is right . You pitied Huo Yanyan and her daughter and took care of them but ended up in big trouble… Mingxi, one can’t be too soft-hearted; it’s not kindness but a weakness . ”

“You’re right . I admit it’s my fault . ”

“It’s useless confessing to me . Think about how to solve this problem . ”

“Ying, we…”

“I’m sorry, but I’m tired and must go now . Goodbye . ”

Wei Ying felt a headache coming when she saw Huo Yanyan .

All the unhappy memories came back to her mind .

Those were the worst memories of her life .

Once when she had dinner with her sister-in-law Jiang Xiaowei and Huo Mian, they had said Huo Yanyan was hopeless and Shen Mingxi shouldn’t take on so much trouble to help her .

If not for Shen Mingxi, Huo Yanyan and her daughter would have died at Huo Siqian’s hands long ago, which would have saved them tons of trouble .

Now not only Huo Yanyan but her daughter hated Shen Mingxi .

Wei Ying suddenly felt tired, wondering why the man she had loved since she was little ended up like this .

She felt bone tired . Even though she still loved Shen Mingxi and couldn’t forget their past, Huo Yanyan’s endless harassment exhausted her both physically and mentally .

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It was a feeling of despair that she couldn’t describe with words .

After Wei Ying was gone, Huo Yanyan left before the security guards came to kick her out .

The Shen Family was furious that this woman ruined the birthday banquet .

A black BMW X6 was parked on a remote lane near the hotel .

Putting on sunglasses, Huo Yanyan got into the car .

“How did it go?” the man asked .

“Very well . Everything went as we planned . ”

“Good . It seems my efforts of taking you out of the mental house are not wasted . After all, I did it at great risk . If Qin Chu knew of it, the consequences would be severe . ”

“Don’t worry . You’ll be well repaid for getting me out of there . ” Huo Yanyan chuckled .

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“They all say you’re crazy . But I think you’re not; instead, you’re quite smart . ”

“They want me dead, so they tried to slander me . I’m not mad; my mind is very clear . ”

“But I must remind you I won’t help you deal with Qin Chu and Huo Mian . ”

Hearing the man’s words, Huo Yanyan smiled in disdain .

“I know . I don’t need your help . Right now, I don’t have the ability to deal with Huo Mian yet . I’ll deal with Shen Mingxi first…”

– At the HQ of Imperial Star –

Before he got off work, Su Yu walked past the trainees’ dance room in which more than a dozen girls were practicing dance dressed in the same outfits .

Even without make-up, Han Yueyao stood out among the girls with her beauty .

“President Su…”

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“How are the trainees doing?” Su Yu asked .

“They have the talent and work hard . We’ll know their true abilities when the selection contest begins . ”

“Are any of them especially good?”

“Yeah . President Su, the girl standing in the middle in the front row is the captain, Gao Yaruo . She’s been here for almost two months now; she’s very smart and has good talents . And the new girl Han Yueyao who came yesterday is a very good dancer and a quick learner; she’s very pretty, too . ”

Standing outside of the glass door thoughtfully, Su Yu looked inside…

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