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Chapter 3528: 3528
Chapter 3528 We are in Big Trouble 8

“What… are you doing here?” Shen Mingxi was astonished .

“Mingxi… I was wrong . I’ll obey you in the future . Please don’t send me back to that place, okay?”

Huo Yanyan’s innocent eyes had tears in them, making her look fragile .

Before Shen Mingxi could speak, Huo Yanyan looked at Wei Ying and said, “Miss Wei, please help me convince Mingxi . I won’t stand between you . You can meet in a hotel or at home, I don’t care, but please don’t take Mingxi from me . I don’t want to return to the mental asylum . ”

Wei Ying was stupefied when she heard Huo Yanyan’s words .

She didn’t know how to respond .

Some of the onlookers even picked up their cellphones and began recording the scene .

“Miss Wei, I beg you . Do you want me to beg on my knees? Please don’t be so ruthless with me . I was wrong and I will serve you humbly so long as you will feed me . ”

“Huo Yanyan, what on earth are you talking about?” Wei Ying stared at her in disbelief .

True to her words, Huo Yanyan dropped to her knees and kowtowed to Wei Ying and Shen Mingxi in front of everyone .

“Please . I beg you to give this pathetic woman a chance to live . ”

“What are you doing here? Damned woman, you dare to come here . You should die . You almost got my son killed in a car crash . ”

Shen Mingxi’s mother couldn’t bear it anymore; walking up, she railed against Huo Yanyan .

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“Auntie Shen, I’m sorry . I was wrong . You can hit me and rail at me . I deserve it . ”

Shen Mingxi’s mother grabbed her hair and yelled hysterically, “Security! Where are the security guards? Drag this crazy woman out of here . ”

“I’m not crazy . Why do you have to be so mean to me? Why did you lock me up and force my daughter to live abroad? You didn’t even show mercy to a child . ”

Huo Yanyan cried as she ranted .

Hearing her complete lies, Wei Ying was furious .

“Huo Yanyan, you’re heartless . Mingxi paid hundreds of thousands of yuan for your daughter to study abroad . He’s been so good to you and your daughter, but you still slander him with lies . I think Mingxi is too kind to you, so you think you can bully him so outrageously . ”

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Wei Ying thought Shen Mingxi was too soft, which was why this scumbag Huo Yanyan could live up until now .

If it was Qin Chu or Su Yu, they’d have eaten Huo Yanyan alive long ago .

“Miss Wei, you’re right no matter what you say . I don’t object to any word you say . I only beg you not to send me back to that place…

Crying, Huo Yanyan knelt before Wei Ying like a homeless dog .

“Come with me . ”

Suppressing his fury, Shen Mingxi grabbed her hand and pushed her into the lounge room in the hotel .

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He said with a cold face, “Huo Yanyan, what tricks are you trying to play this time?”

“Hehe . Aren’t you curious how I got out? Aren’t you surprised? Shen Mingxi, you didn’t expect this, right?”

Standing in the lounge room alone with Shen Mingxi, Huo Yanyan’s face changed immediately .

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