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Chapter 3527: 3527
3527 We are in Big Trouble 7

Huo Mian almost dropped to the ground when she heard it .

What were they talking about? Her kept man?

Huo Mian turned to look at Mr . Qin and saw his face had fallen…

“Hahahaha! Kept man . You’re too expensive . I can’t afford to keep you…” Huo Mian put one arm around Qin Chu and said in a low voice .

“Dr . Huo, please pay up this month’s fees . ”

“I don’t have money . But I can pay you with myself and the baby . ” Huo Mian touched her belly .

“Without money, you dare to keep a young man?”

They teased each other .

Finally, Huo Mian walked up and asked, “Can you tell me how to get to Director Jiang’s office?”

“Are you a patient? Our Director Jiang doesn’t see patients . And…”

The young nurse glanced at Huo Mian’s belly .

“He never sees pregnant women . ”

“I’m not a patient . I’m here to see Director Jiang for business . ”

“Do you have an appointment?”

“No . ”

“I’m sorry, but Director Jiang doesn’t receive clients without an appointment . ”

“Is it so? Tell him that Vice Director Huo of C City is here to visit him . ”

“Vice Director Huo? Where’s she?” The young nurses all looked behind her .

“I’m her,” Huo Mian said calmly .

Instantly, the nurses gasped .

“Are you… really her?” The young nurse looked unconvinced .

“Yeah . If you don’t believe me, I’ll show you proof…”

Huo Mian pointed at Mr . Qin standing behind her and said with a straight face, “This is my kept man . ”

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The young nurses looked at Huo Mian and then the man behind her in stupefaction .

“Um… Please wait a second . I’ll call him immediately . ”

With a cringe, the young nurses turned immediately to call their superior .

Huo Mian almost laughed out loud… These gossiping girls were hilarious with their misinformed conversation .

– At C City’s Jade Dragon Hot Spring Hotel –

It was a banquet celebrating old Mrs . Shen’s 80th birthday . Not wanting to invite lots of guests, the Shen Family had chosen to hold the event in a suburban hotel .

The guests were mostly their relatives and friends; they didn’t invite any business partners .

Shen Mingxi issued the invitation to Wei Ying at the last minute; of course, he didn’t dare to hope that she’d come .

After their meeting on the Chinese Valentine’s Day, they got closer but the relationship between them was still subtle .

Wei Ying came with a girl who was also a rich socialite from their circle .

They looked good dressed in red and white evening gowns respectively .

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Wei Ying was quite low-profiled . In order to draw little attention to her, she was careful with her make-up and outfit .

“Ying, do you really want to get back together with Shen Mingxi?”

“Nonsense . We’re just friends . ”

“But you’re quite attentive to the Shen Family . To attend the old lady’s birthday banquet, you even canceled your trip and returned the air ticket . Do you think it’s worth it? Will he appreciate your efforts?”

“I don’t need their appreciation . Grandma Shen was nice to me, so I’m doing it for my own conscience . ”

They walked in while they talked .

Seeing Wei Ying, Shen Mingxi walked toward her immediately .

Mrs . Shen took her hand with warmth .

“Ying, it’s been a while since I saw you last time . You look even prettier than before . ”

Wei Ying smiled gently .

At this moment, noises came from the door…

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“Mr . Shen, look . That’s…”

Shen Mingxi’s friend standing beside him called to get his attention .

He turned and looked toward the door .

His body shook when he saw Huo Yanyan, the woman who was supposed to be locked in the psychiatric center .

Dressed in a black long dress baring her shoulders and wearing exquisite and somewhat eerie make-up, she walked toward Shen Mingxi slowly .

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