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Chapter 3526: 3526
3526 We are in Big Trouble 6

“Yeah,” Han Yueyao admitted frankly .

But as Su Yu’s friend, Huo Mian felt uncomfortable .

“Yao, do you know you used Auntie Su by doing this?”

“Sister Mian, Auntie Su used you, too . ”

Huo Mian: “…”

“She knows Su Yu likes you but still asked you to introduce other girls to him because she knows Su Yu would listen to you and do you this favor . You know that, right?”

“That’s different . I’m indebted to the Su Family . ”

“Sister Mian, don’t think too much about it . After all, no one can live their life without breaking any rules . I hope you won’t feel burdened about this whole thing . I have no schemes on Su Yu . Although I’m young, I know my position and won’t do anything beyond my abilities . No matter what purpose I have, I’m now in Imperial Star . I want to work hard to earn money . I promise that I won’t do anything to hurt Su Yu . Meanwhile, you did what you promised to Auntie Su . As for Auntie Su’s wish, she must realize it’s not something she can control . Don’t you think so?”

Huo Mian was surprised that Han Yueyao, a girl of 25, could speak so maturely .

The first impression the girl gave her was good; at least she didn’t try any tricks during the supper .

Now, she realized the girl was very smart and knew everyone’s position .

“I understand you now . ” Huo Mian didn’t want to say more about the topic .

“Sister Mian, thank you . Even though you did it for Auntie Su, I’m still grateful to you for getting me into Imperial Star . I’ll work hard . ”

“Keep it up . ”

Ending the chat, Huo Mian had mixed feelings inside .

When Qin Chu came out of his shower, he saw Huo Mian sitting there, deep in thought .

“What are you thinking about, Dr . Huo?”

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“Honey, what do you think of that girl Han Yueyao?”

“Han Yueyao?” Qin Chu didn’t pay attention to people that were irrelevant to him, so he didn’t remember this name .

“The girl we took to supper with Su Yu . Auntie Su brought her to us . ”

“Oh, that girl… I don’t know . After all, she stayed with us for only a short while . ”

“How was your first impression of her?” Qin Chu had seen countless people and Huo Mian trusted his judgment .

“The first impression was fine . She didn’t talk much or interrupt others . She has good manners and didn’t try to draw attention to herself or brownnose Su Yu . In general, she’s good . ”

Qin Chu gave an objective appraisal of Han Yueyao’s behavior that day .

“What? There’s something wrong with the girl?”

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“No, I find that girl is nice . ”

“What do you mean?” With Huo Mian in his arms, Qin Chu leaned on the headboard of the bed and chatted with her .

“She gave me a good impression . If she can hit it off with Su Yu, she should be a good girlfriend for him . ”

“Is Zeng Rou completely out of the picture?”

“Zeng Rou… I’m not sure . That girl looks fine, but…I always think there’s something not right with her . It’s just a feeling . I can’t describe it . ”

Huo Mian compared the two girls carefully and found talking to Han Yueyao was more comfortable .

On the next morning, Qin Chu accompanied Huo Mian to visit South Side’s sister hospital .

They arrived early and the doctors and nurses had just begun their work . No one noticed them .

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When they walked in, they heard a few young nurses gossiping at the reception desk .

“Did you hear that the vice director of South Side Recuperation Center in C City came to the meeting with a gorgeous guy? He accompanied her everywhere she went . Do you think guy is her kept man?”

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