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Published at 28th of August 2020 05:35:07 AM
Chapter 3524: 3524
3524 We are in Big Trouble 4

“You don’t know how busy I’ve been today…” Lu Yan complained .

Huo Mian wanted to ask where Yan was but changed her mind due to her fear of being eavesdropped on .

She changed the subject . “Do you miss your twin nieces?”

“Of course I do . How are they? Do they miss me?”

“Of course . Little Bean cried and sulked all day long after she learned you were gone . Pudding didn’t say it but I’m sure she was sad . When she feels low, she just sits there in silence and doesn’t talk to anyone . ”

“Heihei . The kiddos are not bad; I didn’t waste the tens of millions of yuan on them . ” Lu Yan was smug .

“Oh, Yan, An came to see me the other day . ”


“He bought you things and asked me to mail them to you if I can . ”

“What did he buy?” Lu Yan was puzzled .

“He said they were snacks . An said you like to eat the snacks popular in the 90s . Is it so?”

“Um… Do White Rabbit Creamy Candies count?” Lu Yan remembered she had bought some in a convenience shop when she strolled around the city with An .

“Okay . Your taste is quite strange . ” Huo Mian chuckled .

“This fellow is… stubborn . ” Lu Yan was surprised that An was still trying to do such fruitless things after she rejected him frankly .

“He is just being kind . If you can receive packages, give me your address . ”

“Forget it . I have to be secretive to make a call, and you want to mail packages to me? Do you want to get me killed?”

“What should I do? Return the box to him? Do you think it’s a good idea?”

“No . Little Bean and Pudding can eat the snacks . ”

“Forget it . He bought them for you . How about this? I’ll keep them until you come back . They won’t expire soon anyway . ”

“Dr . Huo, does it mean that you are eager for me to go back and see you?” Lu Yan was smug again .

“What do you think?”

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“Haha . Sis, I know you miss me, but I’ve got things to do and can’t return right now . ”

Before Huo Mian could speak, she heard a voice call out over the phone, “Boss, Mr . Qiao is asking for you . ”

“Yan, are you with Qiao Fei?”

“Yeah . ”

“Then I won’t worry about you . ”

“Okay . I’ve got to go . Sis, I’ll talk to you later . ” Lu Yan hung up .

Huo Mian was worried about her sister, but she knew the latter was a mercenary and didn’t need her protection .

Hanging up, Huo Mian had a feeling that something else needed her attention .

Racking her brains, she finally remembered that she had intended to chat with Han Yueyao on WeChat and ask how the girl was doing .

After all, Auntie Su had asked her to take care of the girl .

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She had added Han Yueyao’s WeChat contact before supper that day .

Opening her WeChat account, she found the girl’s profile picture which was a cute white bunny with a red face .

Huo Mian: “Yao-Yao?”

“Sister Mian,” she replied almost instantly .

Huo Mian: “Are you in bed now? Did I wake you up or something?”

Han Yueyao: “No, no . I usually sleep quite late . ”

Huo Mian: “How do you feel about the dorm after sleeping there last night?”

Han Yueyao: “It’s fantastic . Imperial Star’s dorm rooms are quite fancy . It’s luxurious since I share the room with only one other girl . But last night my roommate didn’t come back, so I haven’t met her yet . ”

Huo Mian: “Were you afraid all by yourself?”

Han Yueyao: “No . Haha . I’m not a child . ”

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Huo Mian: “Good . Did Su Yu… contact you after?”

Huo Mian remembered Su Yu and Han Yueyao had added each other’s WeChat after supper . Of course, Su Yu had done it because he thought Han Yueyao was Huo Mian’s relative; otherwise, he wouldn’t have done that with a young girl he wasn’t familiar with .

Han Yueyao: “No, he didn’t . ”

Huo Mian: “Oh . It’s fine . Don’t worry . Su Yu is very busy . You can talk to him more often when you have the chance . ”

Han Yueyao: “Sister Mian, do you think Su Yu’s my type?”

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