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Chapter 3525: 3525
Chapter 3525 We are in Big Trouble 5

Hearing the abrupt question, Huo Mian hesitated .

Huo Mian: “Of course . Haven’t you seen how much Auntie Su likes you?”

Han Yueyao: “Don’t you think his family’s social rank is too high for me?”

Huo Mian: “We’re living in modern times . Do you still think social rank is important in marriages?”

Han Yueyao: “Sister Mian, truth be told, I think the old sayings make lots of sense . In every aspect, Su Yu and I live in two totally different worlds . I know my limitations . Since we like different things, I don’t think we can get along well . ”

Huo Mian said, “How can you say that? I came from an ordinary family, but my husband came from money . You see, we are living a happy life and have great children . ”

Huo Mian tried to encourage the girl since she found the latter was doubting herself .

Han Yueyao: “Sister Mian, you and your husband met in high school and have loved each other for years . The situation between me and Su Yu is different from yours . I’m a girl who is freshly out of school; how can I be a match for the famous Mr . Su whose family is both wealthy and powerful?”

After a moment of consideration, Huo Mian replied, “Yao, I hope you won’t be offended by what I’m going to say . If you keep thinking in this way, then why did you come? Didn’t you know Auntie Su wants you to marry Su Yu? She got you here so you can be Su Yu’s girlfriend . Otherwise, we wouldn’t have done these things . ”

Han Yueyao: “Sister Mian, I’m not offended . I understand why you asked me this question . I planned to say it later, but since you asked, I must tell you the truth . Maybe many women dream of marrying into a wealthy family and are trying their best to get Su Yu to marry them, but it’s not true love . They don’t want to marry Su Yu; they just want to marry into the Su Family . I don’t want such a life . But for a girl who has just graduated from school and has no background or connections, it gives me an opportunity . So, I think…”

Han Yueyao paused purposefully .

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Huo Mian understood suddenly .

“You want to take this opportunity to enter Imperial Star and become a star?” Huo Mian guessed .

“Right . This is my plan . ”

“But why? Do you think it’s so important to be a star? It’s not easy to earn the flowers and applause; there’s a dark side to this life . ” Huo Mian tried to dissuade her .

“Sister Mian, I don’t want flowers, applause; vanity and fans are not important to me . My plan is simple . My parents worked hard to supply for me, so I want to repay them . But with my credentials, I can only find a job that earns thousands of yuan each month . In the big city where I lived, thousands of yuan is not enough to support our daily expenditures . So, I have to take a short-cut . If I can become an actress, even with a minor and insignificant one, if I work hard, I can earn at least tens of thousands of yuan each month . ”

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“So you want to do it for money?” Huo Mian frowned .

“Right . You might think I’m vulgar, but my purpose is earning money . I want my parents to have a comfortable life, but I don’t want to sell myself . Some of my classmates and good friends had become the kept women of wealthy men or date second-gen rich guys to play with their feelings . But I can’t do it . My parents are very traditional and would kill me if I did these things . So, I decided to become a minor actress and work hard to make their life better . ”

“So, you just don’t want to marry Su Yu?” Huo Mian was stunned when she finally understood Han Yueyao’s plan .

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