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Published at 28th of August 2020 04:32:16 PM
Chapter 3523: Chapter 3523 - We are in Big Trouble 3
3523 We are in Big Trouble 3

“Yeah . ” Qin Chu nodded with a grim expression .

Finishing his brief conversation with Gao Ran, Qin Chu hung up and continued driving .

“Honey, I didn’t do it . ”

Huo Mian explained, afraid that Qin Chu thought she had turned soft and did it behind his back .

After all, Huo Yanyan was a good actor .

“Silly girl, I didn’t mean you . ” Qin Chu smiled at her words .

“My IQ has decreased due to my pregnancy, but I’d never do such a stupid thing because I know Huo Yanyan has lost the last trace of her conscience, and nothing we do can bring her back . So, I’d never rescue her; I’m not a saint . ”

“We should have killed Huo Yanyan; we’re too soft-hearted . ” Qin Chu looked calm .

“Yeah . We should have killed Huo Siqian too, while he was abroad . ”

Huo Mian felt regretful . Qin Chu hadn’t killed Huo Siqian and even brought him back to China because he didn’t want her to feel bad .

However, Huo Siqian broke out of prison, posing a great danger to them now .

Now that Huo Yanyan escaped too, they were indeed in big trouble .

“It’s fine . In the world of adults, life is never easy . The happily-ever-after ending in fairy tales doesn’t happen in real life . ”

“Honey, what do we do now? Shall we go and catch her?” Huo Mian felt torn since she pitied Huo Yanyan who had become a total psycho .

If they caught her and put her back into the hospital, Huo Yanyan wouldn’t survive it . Besides, Huo Mian was too kind to do that .

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“No . If she escaped just to start a new life, we can let her go . But if she dares to do anything to harm you or our daughters, I’ll kill her . ” Qin Chu’s eyes glinted coldly .

Huo Mian knew he wasn’t joking .

Qin Chu picked up his cellphone and instructed the bodyguards to stay with the twins all the time while keeping an eye on his parents and Huo Mian’s mother and younger brother . Then he called Tang Chuan to watch out for Qin Ning . In short, after the crazy woman Huo Yanyan got out, everyone must be on guard .

“Honey, maybe we should head back and forget about the meeting . ” Huo Mian felt uneasy .

“You stood them up the last time; if you do it again, you’d be demoted,” Qin Chu joked .

“I don’t care . I’m worried about our family . ”

“They’ll be fine . I made arrangements for them . After all, Huo Yanyan isn’t Huo Siqian and can’t make big trouble all by herself . Besides, she looks crazy but is not stupid and won’t do anything rash . She knows the consequences . ”

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“Okay . ” Huo Mian relaxed and nodded .

They drove to the neighboring city . After Huo Mian did a presentation at the meeting, they checked into the most luxurious five-star hotel in the city .

Qin Chu had been with her all the time .

During the night when Qin Chu was in the shower, Huo Mian’s cellphone rang .

“Hello?” Looking at the strange number, Huo Mian was exhilarated .

“Dr . Huo, I want to book an appointment with you . ”

It was Lu Yan’s playful voice .

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“I knew it was you . Damned girl, what took you so long to call me?” Hearing Lu Yan’s voice, Huo Mian felt all her worries evaporate .

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