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Published at 28th of August 2020 04:32:16 PM
Chapter 3522: Chapter 3522 - We are in Big Trouble 2
Chapter 3522 We are in Big Trouble 2

“Are you a pig? Do you have to ask? Our son has a date with his girlfriend . ”

Zhu Lingling reminded her husband .

“I just don’t believe my son would prefer spending time with his girlfriend over bonding with his dad,” Gao Ran said while stealing a glance at Gao Boyuan .

“Dad, you’re wrong . ”

Gao Ran: “…”

Zhu Lingling laughed . “Hahahaha! This is hilarious . Son, you’re right . ”

“Mom, are you making soup? I smell something’s burning,” Gao Boyuan pointed out .

“Oh, I forgot it . My goodness…”

She dashed into the kitchen .

Gao Boyuan glanced at his dad sitting across from him .

“Chief Gao, give me 200 yuan . ”

“For what?”

“I want to buy Super Wings . ”

“How much is one?” Gao Ran asked curiously .

“79 yuan for one . ”

“Why did you ask for 200?” Gao Ran teased his son .

“I can’t just buy a toy for myself . I want to buy a police car for myself and a fire truck for Little Bean . She likes the pink one . ”

“Okay . Even if you buy two, it will be 158 yuan, right?”

“With the remaining 42 yuan, I plan to buy a Haagen-Dasz for Little Bean . ”

“42 yuan is only enough for one scoop . How about you?”

“I don’t need it . I’ll only buy one for Little Bean . ”

“Son… you’re so good to your girlfriend,” Gao Ran lamented in resignation .

“Dad, give me the money now . Mom will be back any second . ”

“Are you afraid your mom’s going to scold you?” Gao Ran grinned slyly as he pulled out 200 yuan from his wallet and handed it to Gao Boyuan .

“No . I’m afraid Mom will scold you . ”

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“Why? It’s not me who’s taking the money . ” Gao Ran didn’t follow his son’s logic .

“You’re finished if Mom figures out that you kept 200 yuan in your private vault without her knowing about it…” Swiftly, Gao Boyuan stuffed the money into his pants pocket .

“Okay . Son, you win . ”

Gao Ran realized his son had amazing logical reasoning despite his young age .

After all, he had been playing with the super-smart twins and had picked up something from them .

Not to draw unnecessary attention, Qin Chu drove a Benz SUV and didn’t take any bodyguards, with Huo Mian sitting in the passenger seat .

At this moment, his cellphone rang .

“It’s Gao Ran,” Huo Mian glanced at the screen and said .

“You answer it for me . ”

Huo Mian picked up the cellphone . “Chief Gao, what can we do for you?”

“Huo Mian, you’re with Qin Chu?”

“Yeah . ”

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“Where are you?”

“We’re on the highway . Mr . Qin’s accompanying me on a business trip . ”

“When will you come back?”

“In about two days . What’s up?”

“Give the phone to Qin Chu . ” Gao Ran sounded grim .

Since Qin Chu was driving, Huo Mian put the earbuds on him .

“What’s up?” Qin Chu asked .

“Chu, something happened in the psychiatric center . ”

“Huo Yanyan died?” Qin Chu guessed .

“It would be great if she died . No, she disappeared . ”

“Disappeared?” Qin Chu frowned .

“Yeah . Disappeared . ”

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“When did that happen?”

“At midnight . ”

“How about the surveillance cameras?”

“They were tampered with . ”

“She couldn’t have escaped by herself . Someone helped her . Did you ask Shen Mingxi?” The first person that Qin Chu thought of was Shen Mingxi, who had a close relationship with Huo Yanyan .

He knew Shen Mingxi was soft-hearted and might have been fooled by Huo Yanyan’s acting .

“I did . He was surprised . I don’t think it was him,” Gao Ran said .

“Then we’re in big trouble . ” Qin Chu’s expression changed instantly .

“Honey, what’s up? Huo Yanyan disappeared?” Huo Mian got a vague idea of what they were talking about but wasn’t certain .

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