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Chapter 3509: 3509
Chapter 3509 Everyone is Worrying 4

Mrs . Su immediately said, “A distant relative recommended her to me, saying she’s her sister’s daughter . The girl is from the dancing academy in Jing City . Look at her figure and pretty face . ”

“She’s really pretty,” Huo Mian praised sincerely .

“Do you think… Yu will like her?”

“Um… I can’t say . ” Seeing that Mrs . Su wanted to set up the girl with Su Yu, Huo Mian didn’t dare to give her opinion .

“After Zeng Rou left, Yu began his bachelor’s life again . I told my relative that since the girl hasn’t found a job yet after graduating this summer, we could put her in Yu’s company as a trainee . ”

“You want her to enter the entertainment circle?” Huo Mian was surprised .

She remembered Grandpa Su had once said he didn’t want Su Yu to marry an actress .

“No . It’s just a ruse for her to get close to Su Yu . She won’t take any commercial acting roles . ”

“Oh . I think it’s a good idea . ” Huo Mian nodded, thinking it might work .

“Mian, you’re smart . Please think of a way for me to talk to Yu about it . You know him; he’s always impatient when I mention this to him . If I tell him my plan, he won’t agree to it . How can I get the girl into his company?”

“Get her into Imperial Star?”

“Yeah . ” Mrs . Su nodded .

“Why don’t you let the girl apply for a position in the company? His company accepts applications all year round . ”

“No, it would be too difficult for her . She might fail the interview . ”

“Um… Why don’t you call the human resources department and ask them to go easy on her?” Huo Mian said .

“No . To make sure every applicant has a fair chance, Yu has employed a stern woman to head the human resources department and she won’t do me any favors . If she reports the incident to Yu, all my efforts would be in vain . ”

“Right… It’s really difficult . ” Huo Mian couldn’t come up with a better plan .

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“Mian, I need you to do me a favor . ”

“What’s it, Auntie?”

“How about this? I heard An and Yu received your younger sister when she came back from abroad . Yu would do anything for you . So I wonder if you can tell Yu that the girl is your distant cousin and ask him to do you a favor . ”

“Oh… Um… Do you think it’s a good idea? If Su Yu finds it out…” Huo Mian didn’t like to lie .

“It will be fine . If he finds out, I’ll take all the consequences,” Mrs . Su promised .

Huo Mian suddenly understood that Mrs . Su was trying to make use of Su Yu’s feelings for her to get the girl into Su Yu’s company .

Huo Mian didn’t like being used and didn’t want to lie to her friend .

But she could never refuse a request from Aunt Su .

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One reason was that Su Yu had saved her life; the second was that Huo Mian was afraid Mrs . Su would think she was selfish and didn’t want Su Yu to have a girlfriend .

Many girls have this mentality; they would have boyfriends but won’t directly refuse other boys . Whenever the latter are about to give up, they’d show these guys a glimmer of hope . Those types of girls were scumbags .

Huo Mian didn’t want Aunt Su to think she was a scumbag and she truly hoped Su Yu could find his other half .

She didn’t want him to be single when he was old .

Despite her misgivings, she still nodded .

“Okay . Auntie, I will do it . ”

“Great . Mian, you’re a good girl . ” Mrs . Su was very pleased .

She pushed the girl’s file into Huo Mian’s hands .

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“Get familiar with her information . I’ll have her come and see you this afternoon . When you’re off work, you can take her to have dinner with Yu and introduce her to Yu . ”

“So soon…” Huo Mian was caught by surprise .

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