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Chapter 3510: 3510
3510 Everyone is Worrying 5

“Yeah . The girl is at the airport now . I sent a chauffeur to pick her up . ”

“Okay . Auntie, I’ll do as you say . ”

“Excellent . I do appreciate it, Mian . ”

Mrs . Su caught Huo Mian’s hand in excitement .

She was even more eager to see her son married since all his friends had got married and even had children .

His best friend Wei Liao’s son was several years old now .

Even Tang Chuan, the playboy, had proposed and would have a wedding soon .

At her age, Mrs . Su was eager to have her own grandson .

Even though she knew her request wasn’t fair to Huo Mian, she still did it .

Huo Mian returned to her office to get busy .

When she got a moment for herself, she mulled over Shen Mingxi’s words .

It seemed Huo Yanyan wouldn’t be able to live long in this state .

Did she want to starve herself to death?

At this thought, Huo Mian felt sad . Touching her big belly, she truly thought her life was peaceful and content compared to the unfortunate people .

At this moment, Qin Chu started a video-chat with her .

She pressed the answer button immediately .

“Honey, are you busy?”

“No . ”

“What are you thinking?”

“Nothing . ”

“I don’t believe you . ”

“It’s true . I have too many things on my mind, so I decided to turn my mind blank for a while . ”

“Did you eat?”

“It’s not lunchtime yet . Why should I eat?” Huo Mian was amused .

“Didn’t we agree that you must add a meal before lunch from today on? You can drink some milk and eat some bread, or you’ll get hungry . ”

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“Are you afraid I’ll starve your son?”

“Do you think I’m a guy who values boys more than girls? I’m just worried about you . ”

Qin Chu knew his wife was a workaholic and always forgot to eat when she was busy .

“Got it, Mr . Qin . I’ll follow your orders . ”

“Then you must eat now . ”

“I… don’t have food in the office . ”

“Don’t worry . I sent someone to deliver food to you . I guess he’d be there any minute . ”

The moment he said it, Huo Mian heard a knock on the door .

“Come in . ”

Huo Mian yelled at the door while she was still on video chat with Qin Chu .

“Dr . Huo, President Qin had me order this for you . ”

“Put it on the desk . Thank you . ”

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“You’re welcome . ”

The guy put down a big bag and left .

“My goodness . Such a big bag . It’s not a snack . I think it will last me for three days . ”

Huo Mian put down her cellphone and opened the plastic bag .

There were freshly steamed jujube cakes, Osmanthus cakes, exquisite small mooncakes, chocolate wafers, and all kinds of beverages such as flower tea, fruit tea, and warm milk .

“If Little Bean saw these, she’d go crazy,” Huo Mian said with a chuckle .

“So to prevent your daughter from going crazy, you can’t bring them home . Eat them in your office . ”

“But I can’t eat them all . I can eat a little each day . ”

“No . This is today’s snacks and you must finish them, or they’ll expire . ”

“Do you take me as a pig?” Huo Mian was exasperated .

“You can share them with your colleagues . ” Qin Chu smiled gently .

“Then they’ll be jealous of me for having such a great husband . ”

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“No . How dare they be jealous of their vice-director?” Qin Chu teased her .

“Oh, Honey, I need to talk to you about something . ”

“What’s it?”

“Huo Yanyan… wants to see me . ”

Hearing Huo Yanyan’s name, Qin Chu’s smile disappeared slowly .

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