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Chapter 3508: 3508
Chapter 3508 Everyone is Worrying 3

“Okay . Come in . ”

Huo Mian seldom saw Shen Mingxi because of Huo Yanyan .

Not only her but Su Yu, Tang Chuan, and Weil Liao had distanced themselves from him, as well .

Among the once-famous Four Princes in C City, Shen Mingxi was now standing alone from the other three .

Even though his relationship with them had become less tense, he couldn’t be as easy with them as before .

Of course, Su Yu was still close to him, but due to his lousy mood, Shen Mingxi didn’t spend much time with Su Yu and the others . Besides, Wei Liao couldn’t bear the sight of him .

Huo Mian poured him a cup of water and turned to put on a white coat .

She sat down on her chair behind the desk while Shen Mingxi took a seat on the sofa .

“Young Master Shen, I have a meeting in a moment . We’re no strangers . Just speak your mind . ”

“Okay . I don’t want to take too much of your time, Dr . Huo . Huo Yanyan…wants to see you . ”

“See me?” Huo Mian looked surprised .

“Yeah, her spirits are low . ”

“Isn’t she like this all the time? She’s mentally diseased and must stay in there . ” Huo Mian shrugged .

“No . I meant her appetite… She used to be bad-tempered and liked to curse people and smash things, but still she could eat . But in the past two weeks, she eats and drinks little and sleeps little, losing much weight . The psychiatric center wants her family to talk to her . You know she doesn’t have any family, so they called me . I went to see her last night . I was surprised that she didn’t rail against me or curse me or ask about Tiantian . She just said a few words with me calmly . Before I left, she suddenly told me that she wanted to see you . ”

“Oh, I see…” Huo Mian was deep in thought .

“Of course, this request is impertinent . I just came to deliver the message . She did lots of things to harm you and doesn’t deserve your forgiveness . If you don’t want to see her, it’s okay . ”

“I understand, Young Master Shen . I know what you mean . ”

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“Okay . I won’t take more of your time then . ”

“Okay . ”

Delivering the message, Shen Mingxi stood up and left .

Huo Mian felt disturbed .

Just like Huo Siqian, Huo Yanyan didn’t deserve her forgiveness, but she couldn’t kill Huo Yanyan .

She could only put Huo Yanyan in a secluded place and let the latter fade out of their lives .

Huo Mian had thought Huo Yanyan would live the rest of her life in a psychiatric hospital .

After all, Qin Chu and Gao Ran had mentioned more than once that they wouldn’t let Huo Yanyan out; she would pose a great danger to them if she was out .

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Usually, only Shen Mingxi went to see her . Lately, in his effort to win back Wei Ying, even Shen Mingxi stopped visiting her .

But he’d send money, food, clothes, and necessities to her since they had been a couple for a while .

On this point, Shen Mingxi had done his best .

Huo Mian went to the morning meeting with mixed feelings .

On her way back from the meeting, she bumped into Mrs . Su, who was on her way to her office from home .

“Hello, Mian . ” Mrs . Su called out warmly as she did every time when she saw Huo Mian .

“Hello, Auntie Su . ” Huo Mian smiled .

“Come and look at this girl . What do you think?” Mrs . Su took out a photo on which was a pretty young girl with big eyes and an oval face .

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“She looks nice . Who’s she?”

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