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Chapter 3507: 3507
Chapter 3507 Everyone is Worrying 2

When the twins got up to have breakfast on the next morning, they saw Lu Yan wasn’t at the table .

Little Bean stood up and walked upstairs .

“Little Bean, where are you going?” Huo Mian stopped her .

“I’m going to tell Auntie that breakfast is ready… If she’s not busy today, I want her to take us skating and to get ice cream . ”

“You don’t have to go up . Little Bean, your auntie… left . ”

Huo Mian felt lost when she said those words .

“Left? Where did she go?” Little Bean was puzzled .

“She didn’t say . ”

“Um… When will she come back?”

“She didn’t say . Your auntie has things to do,” Huo Mian explained patiently .

Pudding had been eating a sandwich; hearing that their auntie was gone, she lost her appetite instantly and looked sad .

Three seconds later, Little Bean burst into tears and ran upstairs .

“I don’t believe it . Mom, you must be colluding with Auntie to trick my sister and me… I don’t believe it . I want to go and see Auntie . ”

“Little Bean…” Huo Mian stood up .

Qin Chu put a hand on her shoulder . “You’re pregnant and it’s not easy for you to climb the steps . I’ll go and check up on her . ”

Qin Chu followed Little Bean upstairs .

Little Bean ran to Lu Yan’s bedroom and pushed open the door, yelling, “Auntie, lazy bones . It’s time to get up . ”

She saw the room was empty, and the bed was tidy as if no one had slept in it .

Glancing around, she saw Lu Yan’s personal things were gone .

Feeling sad, she cried even harder .

“Auntie, where are you? Don’t hide from me; I don’t like to play hide-and-seek in the mornings . Come out, or I’ll cry…”

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Qin Chu walked up, squatted down, and picked up Little Bean .

He wiped her tears gently and said, “Little Bean, your auntie went home . She only came to visit us and can’t live here forever . You must accept reality . ”

“I know, but why didn’t she say goodbye to us?”

Little Bean couldn’t accept that their auntie had gone without telling them about it .

“Your auntie has an emergency issue with her business abroad, so she left last night . Since you and Pudding were asleep, she didn’t want to disturb you and left without saying goodbye to you . But she told your mom and me to say goodbye to you . ”

“Really?” Little Bean looked doubtful .

“It’s true . ”

“Okay… I believe you, Dad . ” Hearing her dad’s explanation, Little Bean calmed down .

“You can’t cry . If you cry, your sister will feel sad, so will your mom…and the baby in your mom’s belly . Then everyone in our family will be sad . ”

“Mr . Old Qin, hearing your words, I suddenly feel like I’m very important in this family,” Little Bean said solemnly with big bright eyes .

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“You’ve always been important in our family . ”

“How about my sister?”

“She’s as important as you . ”

“How about when our brother is born?”

“You and your sister will still be the most important people,” Qin Chu promised .

Hearing her dad’s words, Little Bean felt much better .

Holding his neck, she begged, “Dad, can we not go to school today? I know all the things they teach in school . It’s a waste of time to go there . ”

“Then what do you want to do? Play at home?” Qin Chu was exasperated .

“No . I want to go to Aunt Lingling’s shop and play with Boyuan . He’s been sick lately and Aunt Lingling lets him stay home . ”

“Okay, Daddy allow it . ”

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“Mr . Old Qin, you’re so good . I love you so much . ”

“Thank you for your compliment, Miss . Little Qin . ”

Joking with each other, the father and daughter walked downstairs .

After breakfast, Huo Mian went to the hospital while Qin Chu drove the kids to Zhu Lingling’s shop; he left some bodyguards there to protect them .

Arriving at South Side, Huo Mian was about to attend the meeting when Shen Mingxi came to see her .

“Huo Mian, I want to talk to you . ” Shen Mingxi’s face looked pale; it seemed something had happened .

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