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Published at 23rd of August 2020 11:05:09 AM
Chapter 3506: 3506
Chapter 3506 Everyone is Worrying 1

“Isn’t it a pleasant surprise?” Lu Yan looked at Qiao Nan with a smirk .

“Lu Yan, you’re… even more beautiful than before . ” Qiao Nan forced out a smile that looked worse than crying .

“Don’t think your flattering will help you . ”

“Of course not, but what’s the use of imprisoning me? You don’t dare to kill me anyway…”

Qiao Nan smiled smugly .

“Why can’t I kill you?” With a stalk of crested dog’s tail grass dangling between her teeth, Lu Yan had a smile in her eyes .

“You can’t kill me because you want to be with my brother Qiao Fei . If you kill me and my father learns about it, you’d never be with Qiao Fei, unless you’re just playing with him . ”

“What’s the bullshit you’re talking about? Now that I caught you, you get scared and say Qiao Fei’s your brother . What did you do to him? You ordered Amy to drug his coffee; what do you say about that? You always say he’s not a good brother, but are you a good brother to him? Do you think only you can bully others, but others can’t do anything to you? Does your father know what a bastard you are?”

Lu Yan seldom railed against people with such gusto, but this scumbag Qiao Nan truly infuriated her this time .

“Since you know about the drug, you must treat me well… If you can’t get the antidote, Qiao Fei will die of intestine erosion . ”

“Stupid bastard, you don’t know that Qiao Fei didn’t take the drug, right?”

“What? He didn’t take it?” Qiao Nan was stunned .

“Do you think he’s as stupid as you are? Let me tell you, Amy took the drug . ”

“This…” Qiao Nan hadn’t known about this; he wondered if Amy took the drug purposefully or by accident .

“You think you’re smart, but we know everything you did . ”

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“Hehe . Finally, I know why Qiao Fei likes you . ” Qiao Nan sneered .

Lu Yan didn’t speak; she just looked at him .

“My scheming younger brother makes everyone believe that he’s interested in nothing, including the family business, but in fact, he had planned everything out . With a capable wife like you, he’d achieve anything . If you think he truly loves you, you’re naïve… The only person he loves is himself . ”

The moment he said it, Lu Yan slapped his face hard .

“You still want to turn us against each other? I don’t want to hear you say another word about Qiao Fei . You don’t understand him and think the worst of him . With your eyes blinded by power and money, how dare you accuse others of scheming against you? Qiao Nan, you dirty the earth with your presence . ”

“Do you think you can keep me locked here? Bangkok isn’t big; someone will come and rescue me . ”

Qiao Nan was confident .

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“You think so? Then let’s wait and see who can rescue you from me, Lu Yan . ”

“But I guess you caught me for a reason, right?” Qiao Nan turned his head away, knowing Lu Yan wouldn’t catch him without a purpose .

If she wanted to kill him, she wouldn’t have waited until now .

“You’re not as stupid as I thought…”

Lu Yan stood up casually .

Qiao Nan looked at the woman whose name struck fear into the hearts of many mafias .

“I want to know who you’re working with . Other than Ian, who is so eager to catch me?”

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“You know about that?” Qiao Nan looked surprised .

“What do you think?” Lu Yan’s lips tugged up coldly .

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