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Chapter 3505: 3505
Chapter 3505 The Last Act 5

In a private club .

Amy was brought into a Thai-style house .

Qiao Fei’s father sat in a room with a hard expression .

“Mr . Qiao…”

“Where’s my son Qiao Nan?”

“Mr . Qiao Nan? Lu Yan got him . That evil woman is in Thailand and caught Mr . Qiao Nan . Go and rescue him or she will kill him . Lu Yan has always disliked Mr . Qiao Nan . ”

“Go on with your lies…”

“Mr . Qiao, I’m not lying . It’s true . ”

“Bring Nan’s bodyguard . ” Qiao Fei’s father glanced at one of his subordinates .

“Yes, Sir . ”

Then, Qiao Nan’s personal bodyguard, a Russian guy who had just come out of a gun wound surgery, came in . He became furious when he saw Amy .

“It’s her . She took away my master . It’s her . ”

The Russian bodyguard yelled in Russia .

“The bodyguard recognized you . What can you say?”

“It’s not what happened . Lu Yan did it while disguised as me . Please don’t be fooled by her,” she tried to explain .

“Disguised as you? Do you think you’re playing a role in a wuxia movie? You’re an evil woman . As Fei’s maid, you dared to scheme against his brother . ”

“No . You misunderstood me,” Amy tried to explain in tears .

“Tell me where Nan is . ”

“He’s truly in Lu Yan’s hands . You must go and find Lu Yan . ”

“You’re still lying to me . Take her out and make her tell the truth . Don’t kill her or let her escape . ”

“Yes, Sir . ”

Hearing the order from Qiao Fei’s father, Amy despaired .

She truly wished that she had killed herself with Lu Yan’s gun .

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Now, she couldn’t even get a quick death since no one would believe her words .

Lu Yan’s disguise was extremely good, but Qiao Fei’s father hadn’t seen it and wouldn’t believe it .

Now Amy understood why Lu Yan didn’t toss her into the ocean and feed her to fish .

Instead, she tossed Amy onto the street so people from the Qiao Family could find her .

Qiao Nan being missing was a big issue since lots of the business in the Qiao Family was managed by Qiao Nan .

Since many new clients here were Qiao Nan’s friends, the old family chief needed his son to do the introductions .

But with the meeting coming soon, Qiao Nan went missing .

Then Qiao Nan’s bodyguard escaped with wounds and told him that Qiao Fei’s bodyguard had taken Qiao Nan .

Walking out of the house, Qiao Fei’s father felt discomfort in his chest .

“Where’s Fei?”

“The third young master is resting in the hotel . ”

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“Tell him to come and see me here . ”

“Yes, Sir . ”

Fifteen minutes later, Qiao Fei’s car drove into the club slowly .

Qiao Fei seemed to have expected that his father would summon him .

“Father . ”

“Do you know your maid kidnapped your second brother?”


“Not long ago . ”

“Father, I hope you don’t think I sent her . I wouldn’t be so stupid as to use my maid to do such a thing . ”

“Of course I know it’s not you . But, who is the woman working for? Was she a spy planted among us by Lu Yan?”

His father was suspicious of Lu Yan .

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“Why did you drag Yan into this?” Qiao Fei defended her .

“Where’s my file?”

“I sent Amy to deliver it to you . What? You didn’t get it?” Qiao Fei asked .

“What? You sent Amy to deliver it to me?” Qiao Fei’s father was stunned .

“Yeah . I gave it to her . ”

“Unbelievable…” His father became more furious at the woman for making such big trouble for them .

Meanwhile, in a basement, Qiao Nan was woken up by cold water splashing onto his face . He saw an extremely exquisite face before him .

“Wake up, great second young master Qiao . ” Qiao Nan shivered at Lu Yan’s sweet smile .

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