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Chapter 3498: 3498

“Yeah, I have plans . ”

“What plans?”

“If I tell you everything, then you would be my boss . ” Lu Yan gave her subordinates a dirty look .

They were terrified and didn’t dare to say more about it .

After the plane landed in Bangkok, Lu Yan and her subordinates walked out of the airport .

Wearing a human skin mask, she mingled in the crowds and drew no one’s attention .

– In a hotel in Bangkok –

“Young Master Qiao, your father said you can skip the meeting in the afternoon but must attend the banquet being held at the Central Asia Club tonight,” Amy said to Qiao Fei .

“Okay,” Qiao Fei nodded and answered with one word .

“Mr . Qiao, you look tired . Do you want me to do a massage for you?”

Amy had been puzzled . She had stayed by Qiao Fei’s side for a long while now and should be closer to him, but he was as distant to her as the first day she began working for him as a maid .

Her master was always aloof . Whenever Amy tried to be more intimate with him, Qiao Fei would always reject her offer without hesitation .

She had waited for a long time for him to break up with Lu Yan, so she didn’t want to waste this good opportunity .

“I don’t need it . ”

“Qiao Fei, did I do something wrong?” Amy teared up, trying to gain his pity .

Qiao Fei stopped playing a mobile game and looked up at her nonchalantly .

“Why did you ask that?”

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“I have a feeling that you’re not satisfied with me since I began working for you, or you wouldn’t treat me this way . ”

“I treat everyone this way . ” Qiao Fei frowned .

“But you treated Lu Yan differently…” Amy blurted out .

“Well, Lu Yan was my woman; you’re my servant . Do you know the difference now?” One corner of Qiao Fei’s mouth tugged up indifferently .

“I’m sorry, Young Master Qiao . I spoke out of line . ” Amy regretted her impulsive words .

“Amy, if you don’t like working for me, you can leave . With your abilities, you can be a freelance killer . You don’t have to stay here and work as a lowly maid . ”

Qiao Fei said dismissively with a cold face . Before she could reply, he continued, “Of course, the Qiao Family had never been in a shortage of maids . ”

“Young Master Qiao, I was wrong… I didn’t mean it; I didn’t say I was mistreated . I… I love you and… remembering how good you were to Lu Yan… I…” Amy stammered and didn’t know how to continue .

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“Get out . I’m tired . ”

“Young Master Qiao…”

“Amy, go to the conference venue and hand this to my father . ”

Qiao Fei had a file in his hand .

“What’s this?”

“This is the name list of clients in Thailand . Hand it to my father and don’t let Qiao Nan know about it . ”

“Oh, okay . I’ll set off to the conference venue right now . ”

“Okay . ”

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Qiao Fei waved his hand and watched Amy leave with the file .

With a cold smile, he sent a text message .

Qiao Fei’s father and his second elder brother all came to Thailand to attend the large-scale meeting of the Asia mafia; the participants included leaders of big gangs from Vietnam, the Golden Triangle, Taiwan, Hongkong, Macau, and mainland China .

A notorious arms dealer, Qiao Fei’s father was the leader of the most influential gang in Asia and the center of this meeting .

Walking out of the hotel with the file, Amy called Qiao Nan .

“Young Master Qiao, he just gave me a file saying it’s the name list of the clients here; he told me to hand it to your father and not tell you about it . ”

“Humph . Come and give it to me,” Qiao Nan sneered .

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