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Published at 21st of August 2020 04:10:05 AM
Chapter 3497: 3497

An’s heart contracted when he heard those words .

“She… left?”

“Yeah . ”

“Where did she go?”

“I don’t know,” Huo Mian told him the truth .

“When… will she come back?” An asked anxiously .

“I don’t know . An, I’m sorry, but I truly don’t know her plans . ”

“Okay . Thank you, President Huo . ”

Hanging up, An looked lost .

“What happened? Look at you… Did you lose a bet on a soccer game?” Su Yu teased him .

“Lu Yan left . ”

“Left? Where did she go?” Su Yu was surprised .

“I don’t know . No one knows where she went . ”

“Why? Did she have a fight with my Mian and leave their home in anger?”

Su Yu thought the matter was simple .

“President Su, I want to take the day off . ”

“Are you going to go and find Lu Yan?” Su Yu looked at An in surprise .

“No . I just… feel low and want to go out to get some fresh air . ”

“Um… Do you want me to get a female performer from the company to keep you company, Mr . An?” Su Yu joked .

“No . President Su, I’m in no mood to banter with you . ”

Then, An got up and left as if he was in a daze .

Su Yu didn’t ask more questions, knowing An had fallen in love with Huo Mian’s younger sister .

But he knew without a doubt that nothing would come out of it .

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He didn’t know Lu Yan’s identity but was sure that An couldn’t manage a girl like Lu Yan; they were two totally different kinds of people .

Su Yu drove to work alone .

Ever since Zeng Rou moved out, they hadn’t contacted each other even though they had each other’s WeChat contact .

Su Yu didn’t like posting updates on Moments and was too lazy to like other people’s updates .

Zeng Rou used to post an update each day .

But after moving out, she had been silent . Su Yu had almost forgotten her existence .

But today, he saw Zeng Rou had posted an update when he browsed through his friend circle posts on WeChat . .

She posted a selfie before she had gone on a morning jog .

Wearing a black workout tank top, she didn’t put on makeup . Her face looked less pretty but quite fresh .

She wrote, “Suddenly, I miss the mornings in C City . ”

Zeng Rou loved to work out . When she lived in Su Yu’s house, she’d jog alone in the community and swim while Su Yu was at work .

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Seeing the update, Su Yu clicked the like button naturally . .

In less than three seconds, Zeng Rou sent him a WeChat message .

“Have you had breakfast?”

“Um… No . ” Su Yu didn’t know what to say .

“I told you breakfast can’t be skipped, or you’d hurt your stomach . I bought you cereal and milk and put them in the fridge . If you don’t want to cook, you can mix milk with the cereal . It’s nutritious and delicious . ”

“Okay . I’ve been busy and didn’t think of that . ”

“If you’re so busy, you can skip all three meals…” Zeng Rou bantered with him .

“No, I can’t do that . I’d starve to death . ”

“Good . Then the world will have one less single man . So will our country . Generally, it’s a good thing . ”

“Sis, did you eat gunpowder this morning? You want to fight with me?” Su Yu was exasperated .

“Not gunpowder . I ate pesticide . ”

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Su Yu: “…”

“Okay . Get back to whatever you’ve been doing . I’ll go on with my jogging . ”

“Okay . ”

Su Yu felt nothing about their casual chat, but Zeng Rou had a secret agenda . She wanted to get close to Su Yu but tried to do it subtly .

– On Lu Yan’s private plane –

“Boss, we’ll land in Bangkok, Thailand in 15 minutes . Do you have any plans after we land?”

Lu Yan was reading a military magazine with great interest, studying all kinds of military weapons and outfits in it .

With a peach in her hand, she was enjoying herself .

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