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Chapter 3499: 3499

“Okay . Where are you?”

“I’ll wait for you at the entrance of the alley on China Street . I’ll send for you . Keep an eye on your text messages . ”

“Okay . ”

“Watch out for shadows,” Qiao Nan instructed .

“Got it, Mr . Qiao . ”

Why was Amy depending more and more on Qiao Nan? Because only Qiao Nan could give her the antidote to the drug she put in Qiao Fei’s coffee at Qiao Nan’s instruction .

To cozy up to Qiao Nan, she sold out Qiao Fei by giving Qiao Fei’s file to Qiao Nan .

The China Street was famous in Thailand with all kinds of people living here, making it a good place for secret meetings .

Amy looked around her cautiously as she walked, afraid someone was tailing her .

Making sure she was not followed, she relaxed and walked to the entrance of the alley and took out her cellphone . Before she could read the message, she felt a sharp pain on her neck and passed out .

“B*tch, we finally got you . ”

Lu Yan’s subordinates had wanted to hunt down the traitor Amy in Russia if Lu Yan hadn’t stopped them . They knocked Amy unconscious and stuffed her into a bag before moving it out of the way .

In less than one minute, a woman resembling Amy and wearing her clothes walked to the entrance of the alley .

She took out Amy’s cellphone .

The message said, “Walk straight ahead for 100 meters to Minnan People Restaurant and find a man wearing military green clothes . Go with him . The code words are: ‘Are you pickled?’ . ”

The woman disguised as Amy followed the instructions and walked straight ahead .

Sure enough, she saw a small restaurant 100 meters ahead with the words “Minnan People” on the sign above the door .

Walking in, she saw a guy wearing green clothes .

He looked like a bumpkin, and she was surprised that he was Qiao Nan’s subordinate .

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The fake Amy walked up and asked tentatively, “Are you pickled?”

The man’s hand paused on the beer bottle as he looked up at Amy .

“Follow me . ”

They meandered to a remote small alley .

“The boss is inside . Go ahead . ”

The man said when they stopped before a dilapidated house .

Nodding, the fake Amy pushed open the door and walked in .

Inside the door stood two big Russian guys who were Qiao Nan’s bodyguards .

When she entered, Qiao Nan was smoking some drugs .

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“The stuff in the Golden Triangle is so pure… It’s so good and makes me feel so high…”

He was doing drugs alone in the room .

When Amy walked in, Qiao Nan glanced at her and asked, “Where is it?”

“Here . ” Amy lifted the file in her hand .

“Bring it to me . ”

“Mr . Qiao, can we close the door? I have something to tell you in private,” said Amy .

“You two close the door and wait outside . ” Obviously, he believed Amy .

After the door was closed, Amy walked to him slowly .

“What’s it? Speak . ” Qiao Nan didn’t like Amy .

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“You’d better read the file first . ”

Amy handed him the file .

Unsuspiciously, he reached out to take it . But the moment he extended his hand, a dagger was pressed against his throat .

“Bitch, you dare to threaten me?” Qiao Nan got furious .

“Stupid bastard, where are your manners?”

“You’re… Lu Yan?” Hearing her voice, Qiao Nan understood suddenly and paled in shock .

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