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Chapter 3494: 3494

“Okay . We can go now . ”

Huo Mian put away her things, picked up her coat, and left home with Lu Yan .

They left in a race car and didn’t bring the twins with them .

On the way, Lu Yan entered a high-end nutrient food shop and bought lots of sea cucumber, Bird’s Nest, abalone, and ginseng .

She spent about 100,000 yuan without batting an eye .

“Yan, you can’t spend money like this . It’s horrible; you’d go broke sooner or later . ”

Huo Mian knew Lu Yan had spent almost one million yuan on gifts for her family, including the twins, Qin Chu, her and the baby, and even Qin Chu’s parents .

No matter how rich she was, she couldn’t spend money in this way .

“Sis, people in our profession earn quick money with one deal that could be worth up to several billions of yuan; the payments are astronomical figures . I pay my subordinates well, giving them 80% and keeping 20% for myself . Still, I’ve earned countless amounts of money . To tell the truth, I don’t even know how much money I have in my swiss bank account . I don’t even care enough to check, but I know even if I spent one million yuan each day for the next 60 years until I reach 80, I’d still have money left…”

“But how about your children? Don’t you want to leave money to them?”

“Don’t talk about children with me, I myself am still a child . ” Lu Yan chuckled .

“You and Qiao Fei will get married and have children . You’ll have your own family, so you must think about your future . ”

Painstakingly, Huo Mian tried to persuade Lu Yan to return to the family .

“Sis, to tell you the truth, I don’t think I can live that long . ” Lu Yan smiled faintly .

Huo Mian’s heart sank when she heard those words .

Despite her sadness, she knew Lu Yan was right .

Right now, Lu Yan was still young with quick reflexes, good physical strength, excellent fighting skills, and marksmanship .

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But what about the future? She was only a human not a god; she’d get old one day .

When that day came, could she still handle the danger she faced every day?

Soon they reached Sky Blessing Court .

Yang Meirong was cooking . Seeing Huo Mian, she was delighted .

“Mian, why didn’t you call me before you came?”

“It was a last-minute decision . ”

“Oh, this girl is…” Yang Meirong saw Lu Yan standing behind Huo Mian and found the girl unfamiliar .

“She’s…” Huo Mian was about to explain Lu Yan’s relation to her when Lu Yan said, “Hello, aunt . I’m Qin Chu’s… distant cousin . I live abroad and came back for vacation . ”

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“Oh, you’re Chu’s cousin . No wonder you are so pretty . Come on in . ”

Yang Meirong asked them into the apartment warmly .

Lu Yan placed the gifts in the living room .

“Auntie, it’s our first meeting, so I brought you some small gifts . I hope you like them . ”

“These things are expensive . You’re young and must be still in school . The gifts are too expensive for me . Return them, please . I can’t accept them . ”

Yang Meirong wasn’t a greedy person . Mian usually bought these things for her, so she knew the prices of these health supplements .

She didn’t want the young girl to spend so much money on her .

“Mom, Yan bought them for you . Just take them . ”

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Huo Mian knew Lu Yan’s temper, so she persuaded her mother to accept the gifts .

“Have you two had supper yet?”

“Not yet . We came to have supper . ”

“Then I’ll go and make dumplings . A neighbor gave me some shiso leaves; they’ll be delicious in dumplings . ”

She put on an apron and went into the kitchen .

“Sis, she’s been very good to you these years, right?” Lu Yan asked Huo Mian in a low voice .

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