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Chapter 3493: 3493

“Boss . ”

“What’s up?”

“Mr . Qiao wants to know when you’ll reach Thailand . ”

“Tomorrow morning . I’ll set off at midnight and will arrive before dawn . ”

“Good . Boss, see you later . ”

Lu Yan turned off her watch and walked downstairs after Qin Chu .

“Auntie, come and eat cake . We saved a big piece for you . ” Little Bean called out to Lu Yan .

“Okay . ” Lu Yan trotted over cheerfully .

“Auntie, we’ll have a piano performance in the school in a few days . Can you go and watch it with Mom and Dad?”

“I…” Lu Yan found it hard to refuse her .

“Your piano skills are excellent . Do you need to show them off?” Huo Mian chuckled .

“Of course . Otherwise, the kids in the senior grades will think we’re good-for-nothing… We must show them our skills,” Little Bean said .

“I agree . We must stun those pretentious kids with our great skills . ” Pudding unusually agreed to her sister’s idea .

“The two kiddos are scheming at such a tender age . I wonder what you’ll become when you’re grown up . ” Lu Yan pinched Little Bean’s chubby face lovingly and touched Pudding’s earlobe, showing how deeply she loved the two kids .

“Little Bean, you must cut back on the cake and keep your figure,” said Lu Yan .

“I’ll try…” Little Bean looked reluctant .

“Pudding, you have lots of time to make money in the future, so don’t spend all your time studying stocks on your cellphone . Do something girly, such as shopping, flower arrangement, the art of tea, and etc . When you marry into a wealthy family, you will be a lady of many talents . ”

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“Okay . Auntie, I’ll try,” Pudding answered readily .

Huo Mian heard something unusual in Lu Yan’s words but refrained from asking her in front of the kids .

When the kids were distracted, she took Lu Yan’s hand and walked to a corner, asking, “Yan, are you leaving?”

“Yeah . ”

“When?” Huo Mian felt melancholy .

She had selfishly hoped that Yan would stay here forever and live her life happily with her family .

But she knew it was impossible .

Qin Chu had said that Lu Yan looked idle but had in fact engaged in several fights and killed several people after she came here .

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Lu Yan would never tell her sister about this dark side of her life, knowing her sister was a doctor whose job was saving people’s lives .

To make Huo Mian happy, she always showed her good and optimistic side .

“I’ll take a motorboat to the high seas after midnight; a helicopter will be waiting for me there . ”

“So soon…”

“Sis, it’s not as if I won’t come back . Please don’t be sad . ”

Seeing her sister’s melancholy face, Lu Yan felt guilty .

“I just… am reluctant to see you go; so are the kids . ”

“I know, I promise you I’ll visit you as often as I can . Okay?”

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“Okay . ”

“Sis, you’re pregnant and must be extra careful . You must take bodyguards with you anywhere you go and never go out alone because you’re the target of many bad guys . ”

“I know . Yan, I’ll be… very careful . ”

“Okay . Then take me to Sky Blessing Court in a little while,” Lu Yan said .

“Huh?” Huo Mian was surprised .

“I want to visit your adoptive mother, Ms . Yang,” said Lu Yan in a low voice .

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