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Chapter 3495: 3495

“Yeah . She’s been really good to me . ”

“I can see that . She’s a very honest woman . ”

Sitting on the sofa, Huo Mian picked up an apple and bit into it .

“Mom… had a hard life . My adoptive father died early, leaving her to take care of me and my younger brother alone while being branded as Huo Zhenghai’s other woman . ”

“It’s all in the past . Now she’s living a happy life, right?”

The sisters talked about Yang Meirong in low voices while the latter made dumplings for the two girls .

Shortly, white dumplings were dropped into the boiling water .

“They are in the pot now and will be ready in a little while . You must be starving . ”

“I’m okay . ” Lu Yan smiled .

“Mom, I’m starving,” Huo Mian said playfully .

“Of course, you are . You’re now eating for two people . You can’t starve my grandson…”

“Mom, Zhixin is still working?” Huo Mian asked casually .

“He drove to the countryside with Bella, saying Bella’s maternal grandfather is critically ill . ”

“Oh, I see…”

“Girl, sit down and eat some oranges . I bought them this morning in the market; they are very fresh . ”

Not remembering Lu Yan’s name, Yang Meirong urged her to eat fruits with warmth .

“Okay . Thank you, Auntie . ”

Lu Yan sat on the sofa with Huo Mian and watched the TV .

Soon, the dumplings were ready . Yang Meirong brought three plates of steaming dumplings to the table with several freshly made cold vegetable dishes .

In the cozy environment, Lu Yan found the home-made food very delicious and ate a whole plate of 20 dumplings .

She burped in contentment .

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“Auntie, I like food made with flour including dumplings, wontons, and hand-made noodles . I’ve eaten all kinds of dumplings in the past years, but I found your dumplings are the most delicious . ”

“Then you must come here often, and I’ll make them for you . The next time you come, I’ll make dumplings filled with pickled vegetables with pork and green onion with beef . They are all delicious . ”

Hearing the girl’s praise, Yang Meirong was very happy .

Huo Mian ate many dumplings, too . Then the sisters drove back to South Hill Manor .

“Sis, I’ll take a shower . ”

“Okay . ”

After a while, Lu Yan called out from the bathroom, “Sis, bring me a bottle of shampoo . This one is empty . ”

“Okay . ”

Huo Mian went to the closet and took a bottle of shampoo; opening the door of the bathroom, she walked in and handed the bottle to Lu Yan .

Then she froze for a moment as if something struck her .

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“What’s wrong?” Lu Yan looked back .

“Nothing . It’s the first time I see you naked and find your chest is as flat as mine . ” Huo Mian tried to make a joke .

“Hahaha! Dr . Huo, you’re a bad girl…”

Lu Yan giggled .

Huo Mian walked out and closed the door .

Then, she walked into the study with heavy steps…

Walking upstairs, Qin Chu saw something wrong on Huo Mian’s face and quickened his steps to check up on her .

The moment he pushed open the door to the study, he froze .

Huo Mian sat on the chair with tears on her face .

“Honey… close the door,” afraid others would see her tears, she asked Qin Chu to close the door .

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“What’s wrong? Who made our Vice Director Huo cry?”

Hurting inside, Qin Chu strode over and pulled her into his arms .

Leaning her head on Qin Chu’s chest, she cried until tears soaked his black shirt .

“What’s wrong?” Qin Chu caressed her hair lightly .

“Honey, I just brought shampoo to Yan . She’s showering . ”


Qin Chu knew Huo Mian must have seen something, or she wouldn’t be crying like this right now .

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