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Chapter 3492: 3492

3492 Amy, We Meet Again 2

“no . please don’t do it . ” an shook his head firmly .

“why not?”

“if the distance between you and dr . huo is the distance between the sky and the sea, then the distance between lu yan and me is that between a goddess and a man . you can’t solve it with dinner . ”

“whoa . you surprised me with those flowery words . man and a goddess?”

su yu thought an was exaggerating because he didn’t know lu yan’s identity .

although lu yan didn’t ask an to keep her secret, an didn’t tell anyone about her identity .

after all, her profession was extremely dangerous; one more person knowing of her identity meant one more risk .

“forget it . president su, i know my limitations . from now on, lu yan will be my idol for the rest of my life . ”

“seriously? she’s just a young girl . why do you admire her?” amused, su yu looked at an .

he thought an looked weird; like the poet xu zhimo who had just got dumped by his girlfriend, he kept babbling about the distance between man and goddess .

“president su, i want to be alone . ”

su yu: “…”

“but this is my office . ” su yu didn’t know he should cry or laugh .

“then i’ll go out and won’t disturb you . ”

“then who’s gonna protect me when those female performers barge in and rape me?” su yu teased an .

“then you’d better give in to them . you won’t lose anything . ”

tossing the words over his shoulder, an left .

“damn it… he doesn’t appreciate a good joke… is our an truly in love?”

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he had watched an get tricked many times by the scheming bitches that he met on shake it on wechat . even though he didn’t know if an was truly in love or not, he could see an was depressed .

– at south hill manor –

huo mian and the twins were happily enjoying the cake freshly baked by their housemaid .

returning home from work, qin chu changed out of his suit . when he walked downstairs, he bumped into lu yan at the entrance of the staircase .

“brother-in-law, you’re back from work,” lu yan greeted him with a smile .

“yeah . yan, the thing about han xu’s wife; did you do it?”

“yeah . ” lu yan nodded .

“i heard about how she hired people to deal with you guys . ”

“brother-in-law, do you think i’m being too cruel to her?” lu yan wondered how qin chu thought of the whole thing .

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“no . i think you’re very merciful . that woman deserves to die… if anything happened to mian or the baby, i’d kill her whole family . ”

“heihei . don’t worry . i wouldn’t let anything happen to my sister . ” lu yan was confident .

“when will you leave?”

“you know about it already?” lu yan was surprised .

“your subordinates are leaving . ”

“yeah . i plan to go to thailand . psycho qiao is there waiting for me . ”

“if you need me for anything, just call me . ”

lu yan understood the word “anything” qin chu said meant anything, including money, connections, and manpower .

“okay . i will . ”

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“don’t work so hard . remember to come back and see your baby nephew . ”

then, qin chu turned and walked downstairs .

despite his coolness, his parting words showed his concern for lu yan .

she had been an independent girl free of worry, but now she had a big family including huo mian, the twins, and the baby in huo mian’s belly . her sense of contentment was hard to describe with words .

at this moment, her watch beeped .

she pressed on the answer button .

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