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Chapter 3483: 3483
Chapter 3483 Doctor Huo“s Female Bodyguard 3

Qin Chu: “…”

“What’s that expression on your face?”

“Tell me, how did you come up with such a horrible name?” Qin Chu asked Qin Ning earnestly .

“Um…” Qin Ning looked embarrassed .

“You might as well call him Qin Shou…” (Note: Qin Shou in Chinese sounds the same as “animal” . )

“Hahahaha! How can I do this to my baby nephew?” Qin Ning burst into laughter .

On the other side, Zhu Lingling took Huo Mian’s hand in a secretive way .

“Mian, come here . ”

“Why? You’re acting like a spy . ” Huo Mian chuckled .

“Come on . Let’s do some plotting . ”

“Plot about what?”

“About tomorrow’s wedding of that bastard Han Xu . F*ck . We haven’t seen that bastard for years, now he remembers his old classmates when he gets married . How shameless is he! We quit from the group and he forced us to return to it . Only he is capable of doing such a disgusting thing . ”

“Forget it . He gave you a cash gift when you got married, right?”

“Haha . Now that you mentioned it, I’m even more pissed off… He didn’t attend my wedding; he only asked someone to bring me a red packet of 300 yuan . Only 300 . Do you know what it means? Now a meal costs more than 300 yuan . I didn’t think much of it since I had never been his friend anyway and wouldn’t mind if he gave me only 200 yuan . I’d return the favor and give 300 yuan back to him at his wedding . However, this time, he requested gold for gifts at his wedding . That’s despicable…”

“That’s indeed outrageous . I’ve never heard of anyone who would ask for gold as wedding gifts . ” Huo Mian touched her forehead .

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“It’s more than outrageous . It’s a downright dirty trick… Where can I buy a gold gift worth only 300 yuan for him? He just wants us to spend more money on him . Even though we are rich, I don’t want to spend money on people like him . I think we’d better not attend the wedding tomorrow . ”

“If we don’t go, he’d probably retaliate by dissing us in the group,” Huo Mian said .

“Then we can quit from the group again and never join it in the future . We can cut connections with them forever . ”

“But I promised him I’d go . If I don’t go, I’d go back on my words . ” Huo Mian thought it wasn’t a good idea .

“You’re too damned simple-minded . You needn’t care about going back on your words with a guy like him . Damn him . ”

A little bit tipsy, Zhu Lingling got worked up on this topic .

“Calm down . ” Huo Mian grinned .

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“I heard even Wei Dong had broken up with him . That fellow is a scumbag who flatters you to your face and badmouths you behind your back . This time, he found a goldmine and dumped his long-time girlfriend . He’s really vicious…”

“He’s blinded by money,” Huo Mian commented .

“Huh, maybe I can buy a fortune-reverse bead for him . I saw some shops sell the beads on red strings . One costs only about 300 yuan . ” An idea dawned on Zhu Lingling .

“Haha! You’re the wife of the public security bureau chief . How can you do this?” Huo Mian laughed .

“Why not? I’ll buy two such beads . We can give these to him as wedding gifts . ”

“No, no . Qin Chu said to give a passable gift to him; after all, reporters will be there . We’ve got to do it properly for the sake of our husbands . ”

Huo Mian tried to persuade Zhu Lingling .

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“You’re just soft-hearted . Have you forgotten you gave only 200 yuan as a wedding gift to Ning Zhiyuan?” Zhu Lingling felt Huo Mian was a bit too soft toward Han Xu .

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