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Chapter 3484: 3484
Chapter 3484 Doctor Huo“s Female Bodyguard 4

“That’s different . Time passes and people change . ” Huo Mian smiled faintly .

“Fine . Anyway, I’ll see what happens tomorrow . If I’m in a good mood, I might buy a gold bead worth about 700 yuan; if I’m in a foul mood, I probably will buy a fake one . ”

“Fine, fine . Mrs . Bureau Chief, Han Xu will feel honored so long as you show up . You can give him whatever you want . ”

They played until midnight when the kids felt sleepy . Reluctantly, they ended the party and returned home .

After deliberating for a long while, Qin Chu finally agreed to let Huo Mian attend the wedding with Lu Yan .

Qin Chu told Lu Yan privately, “Please don’t make trouble at the wedding . ”

“I’ll do my best . ” Lu Yan ran away with a smile, exasperating Qin Chu .

On the next day, Qin Chu escorted his daughters to their piano lesson, sight-reading, and ear training lesson .

Meanwhile, Huo Mian, Lu Yan, and Zhu Lingling went to Han Xu’s wedding .

Lu Yan drove them to the wedding in a white Bentley .

“Yan, you look stunning today . ”

Sitting on the back seat, Zhu Lingling glanced at Lu Yan and was stunned by her beauty .

Lu Yan was seldom dressed like a socialite .

Wearing a gown of white and black stripes, a simple Cartier bracelet, and Dior classic pearl earrings, she indeed looked like a socialite .

“My sister dressed me . I feel weird,” Lu Yan said, feeling a bit embarrassed .

“No, no, no, you’re beautiful . You can enter a beauty pageant like this . ”

“Sister Lingling, I like your insincere flattering…”

“Hahaha! You’re funny . ” Zhu Lingling liked the way Lu Yan talked .

The three of them bantered playfully with each other .

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“Mian, do we really have to give the gifts to him? They cost almost 10,000 yuan . ”

Looking at the golden mascots in her hands, Zhu Lingling was reluctant to give them to Han Xu .

“What then?” Huo Mian felt there was no need to fuss about it .

“We should have bought two fake ones…”

“Lingling, do you want to bet against me?” Huo Mian looked at her with a smile .

“On what?”

“I bet Han Xu hired professionals to determine the authenticity of the gold gifts . ”

“F*ck . How can he do something so shameless?”

“I bet a red pocket of 1,000 yuan . Do you agree?” Huo Mian dared Zhu Lingling .

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“Okay . Yan, you are the witness . When your sister loses, you must make sure she sends me a red pocket . ”

“Sister Lingling, I think you’d better prepare the red pocket now . I highly doubt that my sister will lose . ”

Lu Yan was quite confident of her sister’s high IQ . Even pregnant, she was smarter than ordinary people .

“You sisters… I just don’t believe it… He’s a grown man; how can he do such a shameless thing?”

Zhu Lingling thought this behavior was so weird and shameless that even Han Xu wouldn’t do it .

When they parked the car and entered the restaurant with invitations, they saw a row of staff at the entrance of the lobby . Obviously, this was the place for dropping gifts .

“You are…”

“Huo Mian, Zhu Lingling… We’re Han Xu’s high school classmates,” Huo Mian told them .

“Oh . Please come here… You can put the gifts here . ” A young man ushered them to the place for gift dropping .

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A pile of gold gifts sat on the desk . Obviously, many guests had arrived .

Huo Mian saw two young men wearing suits and white gloves examining the gold gifts carefully in a professional way . They weighed the gifts and then used a touchstone to test them .

“Lingling, look…” Huo Mian pointed at the touchstone with a smile .

“Holy crap…” Zhu Lingling cursed silently .

But Lu Yan wasn’t looking at it . After she entered, she glanced around alertly for signs of danger .

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