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Chapter 3482: 3482
Chapter 3482 Doctor Huo“s Female Bodyguard 2

“I’m not hurting; I’m numb already . ”

“Hahaha…” Wei Liao laughed out loud .

“Hey, Mr . Su, where’s your girlfriend?”

“Whom do you mean?” Su Yu played dumb .

“Miss Zeng…”

“She moved out . ”

“Did she try you and find you lacking?”

“Fuck off . You’re becoming as dirty as Tang Chuan . ” Su Yu nudged Wei Liao with his shoulder .

“Miss Zeng is good looking and I heard her personality is fine, too . How come you don’t like her?”

“I feel nothing about her… Now, let’s not talk about her . It’s all in the past…”

Su Yu thought it was a good thing that Zeng Rou moved out . After all, he felt nothing about her and would waste their time if they continued in this state . Her moving out saved his effort of asking her to move out, so he had no intention to ask her back .

“We have a new girl here . Don’t you want to chat with her?” Wei Liao glanced at the girl sitting next to Huo Mian .

“Who?” Su Yu followed his glance .

“Who do you think?”

“Are you talking about Lu Yan?”

“Of all the people in the room, she’s the only one you can date, right?”

“Forget it . I want to live a few years more… I can never manage that girl, truly . ”

Su Yu had seen lots of people and many weird things in his years of doing business .

The first time he saw Lu Yan, he had known that she wasn’t someone he could manage . He’d never make trouble for himself .

“You haven’t tried yet, how do you know you two won’t work out?” Wei Liao urged Su Yu .

“You can try yourself . I truly have no interest . ”

“Do you think I dare to try that in front of Dr . Jiang?” Wei Liao looked exasperated .

“So don’t make trouble for me, Bro…”

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“Hey! You two come and drink with me… I’m so happy today . ”

Tang Chuan strode over and pulled Su Yu and Wei Liao to the table .

Qin Ning was still excited after the thrilling marriage proposal .

She brought some lemonade to the kids’ table and then took a seat next to Qin Chu .

“Big Brother…”


“Are you happy?”

“Yeah . I’m happy for you . ” Qin Chu seemed to know what she was trying to say .

“I will truly get married this time…” Qin Ning bit on her lip lightly and said shyly .

“That’s a good thing . You’ll marry sooner or later . ” Qin Chu smiled faintly .

“Bro, you must prepare a big dowry for me…”

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“No problem . I’ll do it to your satisfaction . ”

“My dad is old and I want him to come back and live with us in a few years . When we have children, I want him to enjoy his last years with his grandchildren . The headquarters…”

“I’ll handle it . ”

“Haha, you are the best!”

Qin Ning didn’t want her Dad to stay in the U . S . all by himself, so she talked about the future of the company with her brother .

A smart guy, Qin Chu knew what she wanted to say the moment she broached the topic .

Hearing the simple words “I’ll handle it”, Qin Ning felt warm inside .

“We must make the wedding a grand event . We haven’t seen such a happy event for a while in our family . ”

“Don’t say that . The baby my sister-in-law is carrying is a huge happy event, right?” Qin Ning looked up at her brother .

“It’s still early . He won’t come out for months . ” At the thought of the baby, Qin Chu felt warm inside .

“Have you come up with a name for the baby?”

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“Not yet . ”

“Can I give you a suggestion?” Qin Ning offered .

“Huh?” Qin Chu looked at her questioningly .

“How about Qin Huohuo?” Considering her sister-in-law’s surname was Huo, Qin Ning suddenly thought of this name .

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