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Chapter 3476: 3476
Chapter 3476 When You Fall in Love With Your Idol 16

An followed Lu Yan out, wanting to stop her and give the sweet potato to her .

Then he saw a few men walk up to her to talk to her; they all got into a car .

An was curious . He had always thought Lu Yan wasn’t an ordinary girl, so he followed the car silently; after all, he was in the special forces and was good at anti-reconnaissance .

He followed them from a distance until they came to a deserted factory site in the suburban area .

Lu Yan got out of the car with the men flanking her .

After they went in, An waited for a long while before slipping in and hiding in a corner .

“There’s only one guy? ” Looking at the guy bound on the chair, Lu Yan frowned slightly .

“We killed all the others except for this one . We kept him alive for interrogation . ”

“Okay . Where did you find them?”

“They tried to sneak into South Side…”

“They targeted my sister?” Lu Yan was pissed off .

Ever since she came to C City, she had been getting rid of killers or spies each day .

Countless people tried to catch her or kill her, so she was indifferent to these wastrels .

However, when she heard they had targeted Huo Mian, Lu Yan got furious .

She walked over and caught the guy’s neck .

“Who sent you?”

“Humph…” The man turned his head away and ignored her question .

“You’ve brave, right? Very good . No one can remain silent before me; I can even get the dead talking…”

Lu Yan released him and took out a paper towel to wipe the blood from her fingers .

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“Give him a lesson…”

“Yes, Boss . ”

Two of her subordinates kicked and punched the captive .

But the guy remained silent .

“Boss, the guy wouldn’t talk . It seems he received special training . ”

“Oh yeah?”

Lu Yan glanced at the guy coldly…

Standing in the darkness, An was bombarded by complicated feelings .

The Lu Yan he was looking at was totally different from the vivacious girl he had known . She was a cold woman with decisive moves and fierce eyes .

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She even had subordinates working for her . Was she… a leader of a gang?

With complicated feelings, An continued to watch .

“Back off . I’ll do it . ”

Seeing her subordinates couldn’t get the job done, Lu Yan became impatient .

“Kill me . I won’t say anything . ”

“Don’t worry . Young man, I have ways to make you talk . ”

Lu Yan turned on her watch and began to scan the guy’s face with it .

Immediately, information appeared on the screen .

“Gu Dacheng, male, 32 years old . Born in K City in a family of five . Father is dead; the younger brother, younger sister, and their mother still live in their hometown . Younger sister Gu Xiaoling married Wang Jinlei from the neighboring village in 2016; younger brother Gu Daqing is boarding in the county’s First Middle School . Gu Dacheng has no wife or girlfriend . He came out of his hometown to work at 17 and was tricked to be a sailor . Later he disappeared in a shipwreck and everyone thought he was dead . He’s never returned home . ”

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“Very good . You’ve gone through a lot… It seems your family is living in peace . ” Lu Yan sneered .

“Damned woman, don’t touch my family…” Hearing Lu Yan mentioning his family, he got worked up and looked agitated .

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