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Chapter 3475: 3475
Chapter 3475 When You Fall in Love With Your Idol 15

“Or I’ll haunt you even when I become a ghost . How’s that?”

“Get out… Don’t say such words . It’s bad luck . ”

Qin Ning kicked Tang Chuan and he hurriedly covered his crotch with his hands .

“Honey, you can’t kick this part . How can I give you happiness if you ruin it…”

“Tang Little Chuan, you’re shameless…” Qin Ning was abashed .

Everyone laughed hysterically at Mr . Tang’s typical funny style .

“So, he did it?” Wei Liao relaxed at his good pal’s success .

“Yeah, I did it . Come on, Honey, let me put this on your finger . ”

Without further ado, he put the diamond ring on Qin Ning’s finger .

“Hey, did you ask me to marry you?”

“Honey, you can’t deny it now . I’ve gone through so much trouble; of course I asked you to marry me… Although I knew you’d agree to marry me anyway, we did our best to make the proposal perfect, okay? Even our dashing Mr . Su put on women’s clothes for you; even my brother-in-law, an upright man, lied for me . ”

“Big Brother, you even helped an outsider…” Qin Ning looked back and gave Qin Chu a dirty look .

“It’s fine . Little Chuan is not an outsider . He’s part of our family now,” Qin Chu said with a chuckle .

“Look, everyone . My brother-in-law is indeed a talented young entrepreneur; he talks eloquently…”

“Okay . Uncle Tang, stop brown nosing . Hurry up . We’re waiting for the celebration . ” Little Bean smirked .

“Ning-Ning, look, people are starving… You just have to give me a nod to show your agreement . ” Tang Chuan urged Qin Ning .

“How come I feel like I’ve been trapped?” Qin Ning wondered .

“Even if it’s a trap, it’s a trap of happiness . ” Tang Chuan grinned .

“Shut up… You just can’t keep your mouth shut . ”

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At this moment, Su Yu walked out of the washroom in a dashing suit .

“Damn! You’re still doing it? Tang Chuan, can you do it or not? I sacrificed a lot for you…” Su Yu complained .

“Haha! Ning-Ning, you can’t refuse me even for the sake of Mr . Su’s sacrifice . ”

“Haha! Mr . Su, you looked good in women’s clothes… If you can’t find a wife, you can find a husband . ” Qin Ning laughed .

“You’re as evil as your husband…” Su Yu looked harassed .

“Handsome Su, I want a hug…” Having not seen Su Yu for days, Little Bean ran over to him .

Su Yu squatted down and picked her up into his arms .

Impatient, Lu Yan walked up . “Miss Qin Ning, do you want to take Tang Chuan as your wife, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health?”

“I…” Before Qin Ning could finish, Lu Yan continued, “Okay, I understand . You do . Now back down . ”

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Then she turned to face Tang Chuan . Before she could speak, Tang Chuan said immediately, “I do . I do . ”

“Look how eager you are . You’re dizzy with happiness . Okay, everyone can go and celebrate it now…”

“Let’s go…” Tang Chuan picked up Qin Ning and planted a big kiss on her cheek .

“What are you doing?” Qin Ning was too shy to exhibit their passion before the group .

“Relax . Tomorrow, we’ll get registered and then have the wedding in one month . Then we’ll have babies,” Tang Chuan said smugly .

“Stop it . If you continue, you’d say your children are going to school…”

“What? Are you jealous? You can get married too,” Tang Chuan teased Su Yu .

“With you?”

“No . You can marry anyone off of the street . It would be thrilling . ”

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“F*ck off . ”

They went to Seductive Fox, ready to do a celebration for one night .

While everyone got ready for the celebration, Lu Yan received a message and walked downstairs quietly .

An had bought a roasted sweet potato on his way here for Lu Yan but couldn’t find an opportunity to give it to her .

Seeing her walk out alone, he followed her .

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