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Chapter 3477: 3477
Chapter 3477 When You Fall in Love With Your Idol 17

“I’m surprised that you care for your family… If so, you’d better not waste my time . ”

“I… I can’t say…”

The man was torn .

“Very good . Then I’ll let you reunite with your family in hell . ”

“Bitch, if you dare to harm my family, I’d deal with you even as a ghost,” the man glared at Lu Yan and cursed fiercely .

“Hehe! That’s funny . I’m not afraid of you when you’re alive, do you think I’d be afraid of you when you become a ghost?”

Lu Yan turned and slapped him hard, making him dizzy .

“I’ll give you ten seconds to spill the beans and you’ll get a quick death… If you don’t, your family will be killed in a bomb explosion . ”

Lu Yan turned and glanced at her subordinate .

“Count down for him . Ten seconds…”

“Yes, Boss…”

Seeing Lu Yan was serious, the guy’s expression changed drastically, and he surrendered in less than five seconds .

“I’ll tell you everything, but you can’t harm my family . ”

“Be a man and be quick about it . ” Lu Yan was impatient .

“Speak . ”

“Qiao… Nan sent me…”

“Qiao Nan? Oh… Qiao Nan gave you orders directly?” Lu Yan stared at the guy and asked .

“No . I got orders from a middleman . ”

“How much did Qiao Nan pay you?” Lu Yan asked .

“200,000 US dollars . ”

“Bullshit… Qiao Nan never uses US dollars… Do you take me as a stupid bitch?”

The guy tried to lie to Lu Yan but was found out immediately .

Furious, Lu Yan lifted her hand and shot the man in the ribs .

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Blood flowed out from his chest slowly…

Lu Yan turned her head and ordered her subordinates, “Go and bring his younger brother here . Cut the boy into pieces in front of him . ”

“No… Please don’t touch my brother . ”

“I gave you the chance, but you lied to me . ” Lu Yan glanced at the man coldly .

“I took the order from… the Emperor . ”

“The Emperor Organization?” Lu Yan was surprised .

“Yeah . One week ago, we received an announcement that a one million US dollar bounty was posted from the Emperor through the Dark Web . We took it because we were the closest to… the target . We’ve never seen anyone from the Emperor and contacted them only online . To show their sincerity, they transferred 100,000 US dollars before the action . ”

Lu Yan turned on her watch and searched the bank account information; sure enough, she saw a US dollar transaction go into the guy’s account from an unknown account .

“What’s the content of the mission?” Lu Yan asked .

“We were to capture Huo Mian, the vice director of South Side . ”

“To where?”

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“We were told to deliver her to the pier, and they’d send a boat to get her out of here . ”

“So, your job is catching her, not killing her, right?” Lu Yan asked .

“Right . ”

“Did they say their purpose of catching her?”

“No . We’re freelance killers and dare not to ask the motive of employers . It’s suicidal . ”

“Good . I got it . ”

“Then my family…” The guy was still concerned about his family’s safety .

“They are safe . You can die in peace now . ”

Lu Yan raised her hand and shot the man between the eyebrows . The guy dropped to the ground and died painlessly .

Watching the scene, An was shocked .

Lu Yan… killed a man… She actually killed a man and didn’t look even a little bit fearful .

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His feet moved a bit due to nervousness and let out a sound .

“Who is it?” Lu Yan’s subordinates immediately ran toward his hiding place .

“An, you can come out . I know you’ve been following me . ” Lu Yan looked calm since she had known that An followed her from the nightclub .

She had allowed An to come and witness the scene so An would learn her true identity and stop liking her .

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