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Chapter 3474: 3474
Chapter 3474 When You Fall in Love With Your Idol 14

Suddenly, many people appeared in the room .

Due to the dim lighting, Qin Ning couldn’t see who they were .

“Did you help him come up with this part?” Huo Mian asked Lu Yan in a whisper .

“No . I’d never come up with such a lame part . ” Lu Yan obviously thought this part was unimaginative .

At this moment, Tang Chuan handed the flowers to Qin Ning and knelt before her on one knee .

“Ning-Ning, thank you for walking into my life without a warning and bringing me so much joy . I used to complain that Heaven was unfair to me for giving others such beautiful love and giving me nothing . But when I met you, I knew Heaven saved the best for me . ”

Qin Ning’s heart raced at his words…

“The fellow took out all the words he has learned in years… He is well prepared . I pity Mr . Su . He had to put on women’s clothes to help Tang Chuan . Hahaha…” Zhu Lingling giggled uncontrollably in Gao Ran’s arms when she remembered how Su Yu looked dressed as a woman .

By now, Su Yu had slipped into the washroom to change out of his outfit .

He had ruined his great image…

If not for Tang Chuan’s repeated begging, he’d never have agreed to do such a thing .

“Little Chuan, it’s getting late . Make it short and to the point,” Gao Ran teased him .

“Yeah . Bro, get to the point . ” Wei Liao joined the fun .

Tang Chuan raised his head with a silk box in his hand .

In front of the audience and Qin Ning, he opened the box slowly .

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In it was an exquisite diamond ring; there were two tiny wings on the sides of the diamond .

Long ago, Qin Ning had casually mentioned Angel’s Wings, the masterpiece of a well-known Italian jewelry designer .

But this ring was no longer for sale in the market .

Tang Chuan found the designer and asked him to improve on the original version and custom-made this ring .

It looked noble and elegant . It meant more than money because no matter how expensive the ring was, may it be millions or hundreds of millions of yuan, it couldn’t express the fellow’s love for Qin Ning .

“Miss Qin Ning, I was a jerk . But if I let you down in the future, I’ll be lower than a jerk… I have houses, cars, money, and a heart devoted to you… I’ll give you everything you want; if I don’t have it yet, I’ll work hard to find it . I’d do anything for you willingly . Some people say we’re mismatched, like a flower planted in a pile of cow dung…”

Everyone laughed at his words .

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Qin Ning also laughed shyly .

“Uncle Tang is so romantic…” Little Bean lamented .

“Yeah . I think our aunt is deeply touched,” Pudding guessed .

Then Tang Chuan continued, “If I knew who said it, I’d kill him . The damned guy dared to say my wife is cow dung… But my wife is beautiful…”

The moment he said it, everyone burst into laughter .

“You, you, you…” Qin Ning was furious, realizing that he had described himself as a flower and her as the cow dung .

“Honey, don’t get agitated . For the rest of your life, I’ll protect you… Truly, to show those people who think we’re mismatched, I decided to… have lots of babies with you… When our children grow up, we can gang up on those guys . What do you think?”

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“Tang Little Chuan, be serious . ” Qin Ning thought he was messing with her .

“Okay . I’m serious . I only want to say: Qin Ning, you must agree to marry me today… or…”

“Or what?” Qin Ning lowered her head with a sweet smile .

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