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Published at 15th of August 2020 06:10:06 AM
Chapter 3473: 3473

As soon as Qin Ning left, Lu Yan, Huo Mian, and the twins followed . When they had walked into the hotel lobby, they saw the reception trying to stop Qin Ning .

“Sis-in-Law, perfect timing . Which room did my brother say that asshole was in?” Qin Ning asked furiously, her voice shaking as she talked . She didn’t expect this at all; after they began dating, Tang Chuan had loved her with all his heart .

Was it one of his women in the past?

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became .

“Your brother told me that they went to the presidential suite . ” Huo Mian purposely put on a serious face .

“What? The presidential suite? Tang Chuan, I’m going to rip you into pieces…” Qin Ning rolled up her sleeves, ready to explode .

Together, the five of them headed up to the top floor of the hotel, and Qin Ning basically ran out of the elevator as soon as the doors opened .

The doors to the presidential suite were not completely closed . Qin Ning opened the door slowly… and saw Tang Chuan’s clothes and shoes scattered on the floor .

On the floor was also a pair of heels, black pantyhose, and white lace panties .

Upon seeing all this, Qin Ning’s head began to spin; she felt like fainting . How could a scene in a drama happen to her so suddenly? She was not prepared for this at all!

She really thought Tang Chuan had changed . But…

Choking back tears, Qin Ning walked slowly towards the bedroom .

“Don’t move, let me hug you,” Tang Chuan’s voice sounded .

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Unable to control her anger any longer, Qin Ning kicked open the door to the bedroom, and Tang Chuan turned around immediately .

He was lying on top of a woman… caught red-handed!

The ‘woman’ was wearing a wig and pink lingerie . The bottom half of ‘her’ body was covered by the hotel’s quilt .

At this moment, Qin Ning’s entire world seemed to have toppled over her . Now that there was solid proof, she couldn’t not believe this, even if she wanted to .

“Ning-Ning, why are you here?” Tang Chuan asked with surprise; he was really dedicated to the scene .

“Tang Chuan! You asshole!” Qin Ning rushed up, grabbed Tang Chuan’s ear, and began pulling him off the bed .

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“Hey! Not my ear! Ouch!”

“This is just the beginning, I’m going to kill you… but first, I need to teach this little bitch a lesson . ” Qin Ning turned around, wanting to slap the woman who made Tang Chuan cheat .

But… before her hand landed on the ‘woman’s’ face, an arm stopped Qin Ning’s movement .

“Young Madam Qin, please don’t slap me . ” The ‘woman’ suddenly sat up; ‘her’ voice sounded like a man .

Qin Ning looked closely at this person – it was Su Yu!

“What in the world is happening? Are you guys dating now? What do you think you’re doing?” Qin Ning couldn’t digest what was happening before her eyes .

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Moreover, why was Su Yu wearing a wig and lingerie? What was going on?

Suddenly, the lights in the presidential suite dimmed, and a ray of light shone on Qin Ning . She turned around in surprise .

Tang Chuan had put on a bathrobe and was holding a bouquet of blue roses in his hand .

Then, music began to play – Qin Ning often played this song on the piano .

Tang Chuan slowly walked up to Qin Ning, his voice rasp . “I’ve been waiting for today ever since I got back to China…”

“Tang Chuan, what are you doing now?” Qin Ning’s head went blank; she was still trying to get over what just happened!

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