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Published at 15th of August 2020 06:10:06 AM
Chapter 3472: 3472

“Of course I’m ready . Let me tell you, Tang Chuan, this will be the only time…”

“Yes, I swear, this will be the only time!”

It was obvious that Tang Chuan’s request made Su Yu feel uneasy .

For the first time, Su Yu, Qin Chu, and Tang Chuan worked together; they were quite dedicated to Tang Chuan’s proposal to Qin Ning .

After dinner, Qin Ning and the others went to sit in the living room . Qin Chu and Tang Chuan were still out .

“Sis-in-Law, why isn’t my big brother home yet?”

“You’re really worried about Tang Chuan, aren’t you?”

“No no, the thing is, he brought all my stuff to his mansion… I don’t have anything with me… not even my face wash and pajamas . What should I do if he doesn’t pick me up tonight?”

“We have everything here . ” Huo Mian smiled .

“But I prefer to use my own stuff . ” Qin Ning gave Huo Mian a weird explanation .

“It’s okay, if he really doesn’t come back, I’ll have someone pick you stuff up,” Huo Mian said on purpose .

Seeing Huo Mian say this, Qin Ning swallowed her follow up questions .

The truth was, she didn’t know that Tang Chuan was going to propose to her; neither of them had talked about it in a while .

“Qin Ning, how long have you guys been together?” Lu Yan suddenly asked .

“Almost a year . ”

“Do you have plans to get married?”

“Um… I’m not sure yet . We haven’t really talked about it . ”

“What if he cheats on you after he gets married?” Lu Yan asked on purpose .

“He won’t, Tang Chuan would never cheat on me . ”

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“Don’t be so confident, some men seem like gentlemen on the outside, but they’re actually monsters on the inside . ”

“Auntie Lu’s right, you shouldn’t trust him too much,” Little Bean interrupted .

“You guys are acting weird today… why are we talking about cheating?” Qin Ning was immediately on alert .

“Oh, there’s a popular TV show called ‘The First Half of My Life’ . The protagonist had a happy family, but her husband cheated on her . The mistress was very calculating and forced the couple into divorce . That’s why we’re talking about it . ”

“Tang Chuan isn’t like that . I don’t care what he did before he met me, but he’s been good after we got together . ” Although Qin Ning often bullied Tang Chuan, at times like this, she would defend him without thinking .

“But what if he really cheats on you? Would you play dumb?” Lu Yan continued on purpose .

“I… I never thought about that . If he really cheats, I would probably divorce him and go back to the U . S…”

“Let’s change the subject,” Huo Mian interrupted .

At this time, Qin Chu called . Huo Mian turned up the volume on her phone .

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“What’s going on, Honey?”

“Mian, where’s Ning-Ning?”

“At home with us . ”

“Oh, I don’t want her to hear this, go somewhere private . ”

“Oh, okay . ”

Everyone could hear what Qin Chu said, let alone Qin Ning, who was sitting right next to Huo Mian .

“What’s going on? Why is everyone being so mysterious?” she muttered to herself; something seemed off .

She followed Huo Mian into one of the guest rooms .

Qin Chu said, “We were going to head home when we ran into this woman . She seemed to know Tang Chuan . It was really awkward . He told me to come home first and then left with the woman . ”

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“Where did they go? Who is she?” Huo Mian asked .

“A really pretty woman and they definitely know each other . I wonder if they dated before… don’t tell Ning . I have people following them, they went into Conrad Hotel . ”

“What? Conrad Hotel?” Huo Mian said on purpose .

Of course, Qin Ning heard their entire conversion . She immediately picked up her phone and dialed Tang Chuan’s number .

“Sorry, the subscriber you dialed is unavailable right now, please-”

“Your phone is off? I know for a fact that it’s charged . Tang Chuan, you asshole . ” Then, Qin Ning rushed out of the manor, got onto Huo Mian’s Audi R8, and drove off .

“Sis, I told you . She believed it, didn’t she?” Lu Yan smiled evilly .

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