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Chapter 3452: 3452
Chapter 3452 Lu Yan“s Trick 2

“More gifts?” Lu Yan wondered if it was perfume or some other vulgar stuff .

At this moment, a black Benz drove over slowly and stopped beside them .

One of Qiao Fei’s subordinates got out of the car carrying a deep blue box wrapped in an exquisite package .

“This is for you . ”

Qiao Fei took the gift box from his subordinate and handed it to Lu Yan .

“What’s this?”

“Open it after I’m gone . ”

“You’re so unimaginative…”

Lu Yan felt many of Qiao Fei’s words today were copied from romantic movies and were nothing original .

“I’ve got to go now . Be a good girl and don’t make me jealous again, or…”

“You’ll slaughter everyone in the city,” Lu Yan finished for him .

“Yeah, slaughter . ”

Qiao Fei’s lips curved up slightly; then he held Lu Yan and kissed her forehead lightly .

Then, he turned and left .

The silver-haired man, a cold weirdo, left in the night breeze as swiftly as he had come .

Qiao Fei was about to get into the car when Lu Yan called after him with the gift box in her hands, “Psycho Qiao, you… looked dashing tonight . ”

Qiao Fei paused, looked back at her lovingly, and then left .

Lu Yan knew how difficult it was for Qiao Fei to come out of Russia .

He had to dodge Qiao Nan’s spies and Amy, not to mention other people in the family who had their own secret agendas .

Moscow wasn’t near and it took almost 6 hours to reach C City even on a private plane .

He must have slept and eaten poorly on the way . Besides, it was the first time that Psycho Qiao had given her a gift; previously he had lived on her money and used her US dollars .

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This time, he was so generous… and he didn’t take any advantage of her, making Lu Yan wonder if the guy was demented .

Looking at the silk box in her hands, Lu Yan murmured to herself, “Is it a bomb?”

Watching Qiao Fei’s car disappear in the dark night, Lu Yan felt lost, as if she had just had a dream in which he appeared suddenly and had supper and watched a movie with her before disappearing again .

Sitting on a step, Lu Yan put down the roses and opened the silk box slowly .

Then… her eyes lit up .

“This is…”

In disbelief, Lu Yan took it out with great delight .

This wasn’t perfume or lipstick, nor roses or an evening gown .

It was the latest high-tech body armor produced by a Russian military factory .

Instead of the traditional heavy material, the body armor used a light material which had the amazing capability of blocking bullets .

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Lu Yan had had her eye on this version of body armor when the news came out that it would be put into use .

But later, the makers decided not to sell them due to the cutting-edge technologies involved in producing it .

It was extremely hard to get one, but as the No . 1 mafia in Russia, the Qiao Family had close connections with the local mafias due to it being involved in arms deals in Asia, so it wasn’t difficult for Qiao Fei to get one set of the body armor .

However, no guy had ever given body armor as a gift to his girlfriend .

To Lu Yan, this was something she needed the most, so the gift was hundreds of times more precious than cash…

“I’m surprised . Psycho Qiao knows my needs so well…”

Smiling in satisfaction, Lu Yan stood up .

Her subordinates had arrived in the van, not daring to be late even by one minute .

“Boss, Young Master Qiao left?”

“Yeah . ”

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“Then you guys didn’t… um…” Her subordinates looked disappointed .

“What?” Lu Yan glared at them .

“Nothing . Boss, sit tight; do you want us to drive you back to South Hill Manor for the night?”

“Of course not . I’ll take the gifts to see my sister and rub it in her face . Humph . ” Lu Yan smiled slyly .

Having been tortured by the others’ PDA today, she finally could have her sweet revenge when she returns with the gifts .

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