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Published at 9th of August 2020 11:25:07 PM
Chapter 3451: 3451
Chapter 3451 Lu Yan’s Trick 1

“Stop your BS . Make a decision, quick . Don’t you need to catch a plane?”

This time, Lu Yan didn’t yell at Qiao Fei fiercely, instead just deftly avoiding the topic .

“Wolf Warrior 2, want to see that?”

“Eh… do you think it’s necessary? It’s not like we’ve never experienced that kind of life . ”

What was written on the poster was a protest about the African government’s organized massacre . Lu Yan felt that she was not interested in it at all .

Because she seemed to be living in this kind of environment already, which was not a movie to her but reality .

“Don’t they say it’s really good? Lots of people are buying tickets . We can’t just randomly pick a horror movie to watch right?”

“Fine fine, then let’s watch Wolf Warrior 2 . ”

Eventually, the two of them bought tickets to watch Wolf Warrior 2, which was the most popular movie right now .

Qiao Fei was so sweet that he even mimicked the other couples and bought popcorn and coke for Lu Yan .

What was awkward was that because all the good seats were gone, they could only sit in the corner all the way in the back .

All the couples surrounding them weren’t even here for the movie, but to flaunt their love instead .

When the main character was fighting pirates, the couple in the front was kissing and showing off .

When the main character was saving people in Africa, the boy of the couple to the left couldn’t help but touch the girl everywhere .

When the main character had saved people and it was almost the end of the movie, the couple to the right of the front was almost stuck to each other like Siamese twins .

Who was watching the movie? They were watching people flaunt their love instead .

Lu Yan couldn’t imagine, if someone single came here to watch the movie by himself, how jealous would he be? Would he be able to handle it?

When the two of them walked out, Lu Yan threw the leftover popcorn into the trash can .

“What the heck, this tastes so sweet . I don’t know how much weight I’m gonna gain . How can I be so out of self-control like Little Bean . ”

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“You aren’t fat,” Qiao Fei looked at her and said quietly .

“What do you know? My weight isn’t low, it’s just that it’s all hidden and can’t be seen when you wear clothes so it looks like I’m skinny . ”

“I don’t believe it . ”

“It’s true, I’m not lying . ” Lu Yan was trying to explain so she even put her hand on her belly to show Qiao Fei all the extra fat on her .

“If you let me touch it, then I’ll believe you . ”

“What the… you tricked me again . You are so tricky today . Did you go to a class to learn how to be smooth? I almost got taken advantage of by you again . ”

Qiao Fei smiled without a word and was just thinking Lu Yan was so cute, just like a normal neighborhood girl who would be shy and blush but also would get mad .

“Why are you still laughing? You don’t believe that I will beat you up?” Lu Yan showed her fist .

“I don’t think you would dare . I came all the way to see you, after so many hours on the airplane . I didn’t eat well or sleep well, just to see you . ”

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“Don’t say it so touchingly, you sound like it’ll be the last time . I’m not dead . ” Lu Yan looked down while kicking pebbles on the street .



“After this plan, let’s not be apart from each other again, okay? Even if it’s fake, I can’t handle it . I don’t want to be apart from you . Every day that I’m in Moscow, I’m not happy . ”

“Every day together with me, won’t you be bored? Especially when I yell at you and bully you . ” Lu Yan felt a little shy .

“Then I’ll let you bully me forever . I think I’m pretty fit and maybe only I can endure your abuse . ”

“Get away! Stop that . . ”

Then, Qiao Fei’s phone started ringing .

“Boss, we need to go . If you return late, they will be suspicious . ”

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“Okay, got it . ”

Qiao Fei hung up .

“You… you’re leaving?” Lu Yan suddenly felt that the time went by so fast . A few hours had gone after eating a hot pot and watching a movie .

“Hmm, I still have one last gift for you,” said Qiao Fei with a gentle look .

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