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Published at 9th of August 2020 11:25:07 PM
Chapter 3453: 3453
Chapter 3453 Lu Yan“s Trick 3

“Boss, I don’t think it’s a good idea…”

“Why not?”

“I think you won’t succeed… Your sister and President Qin love each other so much . I’m afraid they’d rub their PDA in your face again . ”

Even Lu Yan’s subordinates thought it wasn’t wise to have a direct competition with her sister in this aspect .

After all, the Qin Chu and Huo Mian couple were the No . 1 torturers for single people .

“I just don’t believe I can’t win this time . It’s the first time I’ve received flowers and gifts in my life, including an awesome bag and lipstick . ”

Lu Yan felt great after having received these gifts, so she decided to return to Seductive Fox despite her subordinates’ warning .

Since there were many people in the compartment, she left the flowers and the other gifts, including the body armor, in the car .

She went in alone, intending to describe the whole thing to her sister .

But she was stunned when she opened the door .

While she was gone, the people in the room seemed to have drunk lots of liquor . Even her brother-in-law Mr . Qin, who had excellent self-restraint, was tipsy .

He was holding Huo Mian’s face in his palms and murmuring to her intimately .

The others were either sitting together to drink and playing the finger-guessing game or singing with their arms around each other like Jiang Xiaowei and Zhu Lingling .

The kids including Pudding, Little Bean, Wei Yunchu, and Gao Boyuan were sitting in one corner and calmly playing the game “Who is the Spy?” .

“What… is happening?”

“You’re back?”

An, who had remained sober, walked over when he saw Lu Yan .

“Yeah . They are all pickled?”

“Yeah . It’s a rare occasion for them to get together, so they all drank a lot . But Dr . Huo didn’t drink since she’s pregnant . ”

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An explained hurriedly, thinking Lu Yan was worried about her sister .

“Okay… I’m speechless . ”

Lu Yan was amazed at how well these guys could hold their liquor .

At this moment, Tang Chuan walked over, looking quite tipsy .

He threw an arm around Lu Yan’s shoulder, but before his arm could touch her, she grabbed it and almost dislocated it .

“Hey! Hey… Ouch! It hurts… Let me go . ”

“What are you doing?” Lu Yan stared at Tang Chuan .

“I wanted to talk to you . You’re overreacting…”

“Why did you touch me?” Lu Yan still glared at Tang Chuan .

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“Yeah . Mr . Tang, you’re drunk . Just talk; no touching . ” An also thought Tang Chuan shouldn’t have tried to pat Lu Yan’s shoulder .

“I’ll talk . Please let me go first, girl . I have no interest in flat-chested girls . Don’t worry, I have no designs on you . ”

Hearing his words, Lu Yan tightened her fingers .

Tang Chuan howled in pain .

“Sister-in-law, help! Sister-in-law Huo Mian! Help me… I’m dying…”

Finally, Tang Chuan had no choice but to ask Huo Mian for help .

Huo Mian, who was busy having a sweet talk with Mr . Qin, immediately stood up and walked to them .

“What are you doing, Yan? Let him go . ”

“He’s got a dirty mouth . I’m teaching him a lesson . ”

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Seeing her sister, Lu Yan let go of Tang Chuan’s arm abruptly .

“Tang Chuan likes to goof around . He was joking with you . ” Huo Mian then turned her head and said to Tang Chuan, “I warned you not to mess with my sister . You were risking your life . ”

“Are you serious?” Tang Chuan rubbed his arm and looked doubtful .

“Do you want to try again?” Huo Mian couldn’t help laughing .

“No, no, no . I won’t do it again . I wanted to talk to her about something . Please help me . ” Tang Chuan regretted his thoughtless move which almost got his arm broken .

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