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Published at 9th of August 2020 11:25:08 PM
Chapter 3450: 3450
Chapter 3450  Young Master Tang Proposing 30

Qiao Fei took a moment to think, and then he walked to the manager, and said, “Hi, we would like to have hot pot . ”

“Sir, please line up back there and follow the rules,” answered the manager with a smile .

“So… here’s the thing, I came from another city to celebrate Valentine’s with my girlfriend . But then I have some business tomorrow so I have to fly back before the day . If I wait too long, I won’t be able to watch a movie with her . Is there a way you could help me out?”

“Ah… I see…,” the manager seemed to be a little down .

Not far away, Lu Yan stood shocked with her mouth agape as she thought, “Psycho Qiao, you are really good at acting, huh? How crazy are you that you’re making up a sob story just so you can eat hot pot?”

“Wow, look at that person’s boyfriend, he’s so romantic . He intentionally flew back from another city just to celebrate Valentine’s Day . ” The couples near them immediately started envying them .

“Why don’t you just let them go first then . Time is precious,” someone suggested .

“Yeah, we’re okay with letting them skip the line . ” Everyone started helping them out .

“Then… you two can come in . You’ll be next . ” The manager smiled .

“What the… how did that work?” Lu Yan immediately realized that Qiao Fei saved her a whole hundred thousand yuan . She was planning to spend that much money to clear the place for one hour .

Just like this, the two of them were brought in randomly and luckily there was a table that had just finished .

After the waiters cleaned the table, they were brought over to a corner with a nice view that was also quiet .

“Psycho Qiao, I don’t think you should be a gang leader . Instead, you could try exploring Hollywood . You will definitely be the best actor . Hahaha . ”

“It’s all because of you, why are you still laughing?” Qiao Fei gave her a stare .

“Haha, what you said just now sounded so real . I really admire your acting skills . ”

“Oh please, what I said is true okay? I really flew in from Moscow and I really have to leave before sunrise . ”

“Alrighty, you are good-looking, so whatever you say is right . ”

Qiao Fei was speechless .

“Where did you learn all these random lines?”

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“I learned from my two nieces . They are so talented and they always say popular lines from the internet . Sometimes when I overhear their conversations, I have no idea what they’re talking about . ”

Qiao Fei was speechless .

“What’s that look?”

“Nothing, let’s eat . ”

Afterward, the two of them had a hot and spicy hotpot in a really good atmosphere .

Lu Yan was so full from all the food that when it came time to pay, she found out that it only came out to a little over three hundred despite them ordering so much .

The prices here were so low that it made people happy .

After eating hotpot, the two of them started walking out .

“Now where are we going?” asked Lu Yan .

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“So for our next stop, shall we go to watch a movie?”

“Haha, are we really going to watch a movie? Won’t we look dumb?” Lu Yan had never watched a movie in theatres .

She was used to being alone and didn’t like being in crowded places . She didn’t even know how to buy tickets .

So upon hearing Qiao Fei’s suggestion of going to a movie, she felt intrigued .

“So do you want to go?”

“Um… Either way is fine . ” Lu Yan was beginning to feel a little shy now .

“Then let’s go . ”

Afterward, Qiao Fei gently held onto Lu Yan’s hand and started walking towards the movie theatre not far away .

Although the two of them had kissed, hugged, and held hands, this was the first time that they held hands in public on the street .

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Lu Yan felt a surge of emotions . It was like, from deep in her heart, there was something that kept coming up that was out of her control .

The two of them got to the hall of the theatre and looked at all the colorful posters .

“What are we watching?” Lu Yan had trouble deciding .

“I’m fine with anything, so pick whichever you want . ” Qiao Fei couldn’t decide either .

“Shall we watch a porno? Watching with so many people might be really interesting,” said Lu Yan shamelessly .

Qiao Fei slowly turned around, looked at her, and said calmly, “We don’t need to watch this in the theatre . If you want, we can do it in person . ”

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