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Published at 9th of August 2020 11:20:09 PM
Chapter 3449: 3449
Chapter 3449 Young Master Tang Proposing 29

“Why are you still standing here like an idiot . Lead the way, let’s go get some food . ”

“Ehh… Okay . ”

Maybe it was because Qiao Fei was being so warm tonight that it was hard to resist, so Lu Yan wasn’t prepared and was out of her mind .

With the two of them walking on the street, looking at people pass by and seeing couples with roses, Lu Yan suddenly felt like she was one of them, so ordinary .

And this feeling was just so interesting .

Maybe it was because Qiao Fei’s hair color was special, or it was because he was so good looking that only he could make this silver short hair work, but there were a lot of girls secretly taking pictures of Qiao Fei with their cell phones .

Qiao Fei intentionally looked down, so they could only get the side of his face .

“Sweetie, could you ask your boyfriend to look up and let me take a picture of him? He’s so handsome, just like a boy from an animation,” said a girl with a Taiwanese accent as she pointed her phone at them with a mischievous grin .

“Get out of here! Take a picture, my ass . ”

Lu Yan was tired of these flies buzzing around and couldn’t handle it anymore . Those girls didn’t know what they were doing and dared to tease her man on the street .

With Lu Yan’s temper, she obviously wouldn’t reply nicely .

“Huh, who cares? If you don’t want me to take a picture then don’t . No need to be rude . Really, I have no idea how this handsome boy fell in love with you . ”

Before leaving, the girl just had to criticize Lu Yan .

“What the heck did you say? You wanna fight?” Lu Yan turned around and was going to deal with the girl, but Qiao Feo grabbed her by the collar .

“Calm down . ”

“What? You don’t want me to beat up your fans?” Lu Yan pursed her lips .

“No, I’m worried that if you beat that person to death, then we can’t celebrate our Valentine’s Day . ”

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Lu Yan was speechless .

“Am I really so violent that I’d kill her?” Lu Yan felt indignant . She hadn’t killed anyone in a few days and had already turned into a good sister, a good auntie for the twins, as well as Qiao Fei’s little princess .

“No, what I meant wasn’t that you’re violent . It’s that this girl might not be able to take your beating,” said Qiao Fei .

“Then that’s true . ” Lu Yan stopped being angry after hearing what Qiao Fei said, and continued to follow him happily .

Blissfully, the two of them walked to a busy main street in the city center . There were different cuisines and little folk shops on both sides of the street, and it was lively .

“Psycho Qiao, what do you want to eat?”

“I’m fine with anything . Your call . ”

“Then let’s go get hotpot . Last time I already wanted to eat, but you messed it up, so I’ve been craving for it for a while . ”

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“How dare you bring this up again?” Qiao Fei glanced at her coldly, as if he were still really jealous .

In front of a Chongqing hotpot place, there was a huge line already .

Most of the people in line were couples, and even inline, they were kissing and hugging . That scene was too difficult to witness .

“What the hell, how long do we have to stand in line . You wait here, let me get the boss to clear them out,” Lu Yan was extremely impatient and once she saw the line, she didn’t want to wait at all and was just going to pay to clear out the whole restaurant .

Seeing her like this, Qiao Fei immediately stopped her .

“Don’t . Yan, it’s okay . It’s a holiday, and everyone just wants to celebrate . If you clear the restaurant like this, you not only ruin other people’s days but will also make it boring since it’ll just be us . ”

“Then what, I really don’t want to line up . ” Lu Yan pursed her lips .

“Didn’t we say that we wanted to be just like other ordinary couples? Ordinary people are not like you . ” Qiao Fei didn’t know how to feel about that .

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“But being an ordinary person is so freaking tiresome . ” Lu Yan wasn’t used to it at all .

“You wait here . Let me try . ” Qiao Fei walked towards the person at the door who was dressed like a manager .

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