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Published at 9th of August 2020 11:20:09 PM
Chapter 3448: 3448
Chapter 3448 Young Master Tang Proposing 28

“Yeah, I’m frustrated, so what? Are you going to make it up to me?”

“I… I…” Lu Yan didn’t know what to say .

She felt something a bit different about today’s Psycho Qiao — even the way he looked at her was more intense than usual .

What was this about, was it because there weren’t any more girls in Russia?

“So now, are you going to kiss me or just watch me go back?”

“You dare to threaten me?”

“Yeah, so what? What if I’m threatening you?”

“What the…”

“If you don’t answer or make a choice, then I’m leaving . ”

Qiao Fei turned around and kept on walking .

Suddenly, Lu Yan ran up to him, jumped onto his back from behind, and held onto Qiao Fei’s neck tightly .

“Sh*t, stinky psycho, you want a kiss? Let me give you something more exciting . ”

Afterward, something surprising happened .

Lu Yan jumped onto Qiao Fei and bit his lips, not letting go .

This rough kiss felt like a forced kiss .

“Young man, do you need me to help call the police for you?” Even an elderly lady who was just walking by couldn’t ignore it .

“Where are you coming from, old lady? Go go go, just leave them alone . It’s just a couple fooling around . ” Lu Yan’s follower immediately went over to shoo the lady away .

Lu Yan must have felt tired as well, as she let go of Qiao Fei and jumped down .

At this time, Qiao Fei’s lips were bitten broken by Lu Yan and he could taste a little bit of blood .

“Oh my, our boss is so violent . ”

“Yeah . Why do I have the feeling that Qiao Fei was taken advantage of . ”

“Having a girlfriend like our boss, he’s really risking his life every minute, I think . ”

“Do you think Qiao Fei will get mad since he was bitten like that?”

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“Have you guys had enough fun?” Lu Yan immediately turned around and yelled at her followers .

“Uhm… enough . ”

“If it’s enough why don’t you get your ass out of here right now?”

“Yes, Boss . We’re getting out of here right now . ”

“Take the car away, too! Get your asses far away, and don’t show up again!”

Lu Yan wasn’t really angry . It was just that she was really shy but didn’t know how to stop this, so she could only pretend to be angry .

These past few years, there was no female family member taking care of her and she had to learn everything by herself .

Dating wasn’t something she knew about . Not to mention those romantic things that lovers were supposed to do when dating .

“So I kissed you, are you satisfied? Was that good?” Lu Yan wrapped her arms around herself and laughed proudly .

“It’s not good enough, I want more . ”

“What the…” Lu Yan’s little face immediately turned red .

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“Do you have to be this direct? Are you a masochist?”

Seeing Lu Yan feeling this embarrassed, Qiao Fei didn’t want to keep teasing her .

“Yan, I’m hungry . Why don’t you take me to some food?”

“Let’s go, I’m hungry too . ”

Whenever the topic was food, Lu Yan immediately cheered up .

Then, because the followers just drove the car away, Lu Yan was left with the bouquet in her hand as well as the lipstick .

“You hold this for me, it’s so troublesome . ” Lu Yan thought that she was only suited to hold a gun .

It felt so weird holding these things all of a sudden .

Qiao Fei took them over without a word .

Then, when they walked by a Hermes shop, Qiao Fei suddenly said, “Let me buy you a bag . ”


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“Because… Bags heal everything,” Qiao Fei said seriously .

“Can you stop being so silly? Are you really Psycho Qiao?”

While Lu Yan was laughing outside at the door, Qiao Fei walked in, casually bought one, and walked out in under a minute .

Lu Yan looked at the price tag: 360,000 yuan .

“Now you have a place to put your lipstick . ” Afterward, Qiao Fei put the lipstick he bought for Lu Yan into the bag and handed her the bag .

“Psycho Qiao, you’re different today . Have you been possessed by a ghost? I’m letting you know here that if you tell me later to give back your money, I won’t!” Lu Yan took the bag with mixed feelings .

“Yan, tonight, let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day just like other ordinary couples . ” Qiao Fei reached out his hand and put it on Lu Yan’s back .

At that moment, Lu Yan felt warmth wash over her .

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